Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum’s Response to the Bramcote Unity Park Planning Application

Paul Nathanail, Chair, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum writes: Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum members are invited to register to attend an online meeting at 8pm on Thursday 9 July to agree the Forum’s response to the planning application by Bramcote Unity Park (CIO) for permission to Erect 11 dwellings and provide infrastructure works to facilitate the creation of a community park at Bramcote Ridge Open Space Sandgate Beeston Nottinghamshire

Please register using the link in the email you will have received from the Forum.

The planning application has been submitted to both Nottingham City Council (link) and Broxtowe Borough Council (link) and you are advised to look at the application before the meeting.

The meeting will begin with a short summary of the planning application; we will then decide on the Forum’s position – to support, oppose or merely comment on the planning application.

The bulk of our time will focus on what conditions if any we would wish to see attached to any planning permission.

The response will be sent to both councils. Their planning committees meet on 22 July. Nottingham City’s meeting is in the afternoon and Broxtowe’s later in the evening.

There have been a range of dates by which comments have to be received both online and physically attached to lamp posts. Suffice it to say that our comments will be considered by Broxtowe’s planning officers before they submit their report to planning committee as long as our comments are received by Friday 10 July.

I hope you can join us.

PS If you do pass this on to anyone who is not a member, please ask them to join (by completing the form at else their vote will be ineligible.


  1. The application form says the developer received pre application advice from the council planners. Does anyone know what that advice was?
    “Your development will be welcomed because we need to build more houses”?
    “Your development is against our local plan, will ruin open space and the Bramcote Ridge line and will never be given planning consent”?
    The council should publish this advice so we know the background that might already have been established by the developer and the planners.


    1. Richard,

      Following on from your question, Broxtowe like many (perhaps all) councils offers pre application advice. It is mentioned here:

      Planning policy nationally is quite clear – there is a presumption in favour of sustainable development. So at pre application stage potentially a Council may either welcome or point out the incompatibilities with its policies of a potential development. The decision of course cannot be made until the application is received and assessed.

      For the privately owned part of Bramcote Ridge that decision will be taken on 22 July and the Neighbourhood Forum’s comments will form part of the evidence the planning officers and eventually committee consider.

      As to your final request to see pre application advice, most councils do not automatically publicise the details of pre-application discussions unless in response to a request made under the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR). Commercially sensitive and confidential information can be exempt from disclosure and this needs to be brought to a council’s attention in writing at the outset. It is then up to the Council to decide whether it believes the information is in one of the exempt categories if it was to subsequently receive a Freedom of Information request. There are some other exemptions possible too.

      I hope this helps, and thank you for taking the time to comment on my post.

      Paul Nathanail
      Chair, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum


      1. Tonight’s meeting of the Forum voted overwhelmingly to support the planning application. Thank you to all who attended, voted and asked questions.


      2. Paul – my point was that if pre application adbice has been given by the lanners, or councillors, and this is mentioned on the application form it is a legitimate expectation that the advice is published alongside the plans and other information because the applicant refers to it in support of his application. Even though the advice can be produced under FOI or EIR this takes too long and in the absence of it being revealed up front there can akwats be a suspicion of a ‘done deal’ particularly as it would seem the planners’ report has been finished before the public consultation time has run out. How can the report have sufficient regard to all the relevant factors when the consultation period is still running? This needs to be challenged, or the planners need to delay finalising their report until they know all the facts.


  2. Paul, you are out with your dates. The report on the planning application has already been written, so it won;t be able to include any comments that are sent in by the neighbourhood forum. In addition the meeting date may well change due to the number of items on the agenda that day. I’ll let you know if it does.


    1. Thanks David – that is most upsetting since the dates were given to me by the Broxtowe planning officer for the case. Perhaps you can talk to her and confirm our telecon last week.


      1. Steve – the date of today’s meeting was explicitly set to allow the officers to consider the Forum’s response. Again can YOU explain why the Officers’ report is written before the close of the consultation window? Is this normal practice for Broxtowe BC?


  3. David

    A PS if I may – you say that the report on the planning application has already been written. The BBC website says the consultation closes on 15 July 2020. Is it normal for your planning officers to report before we the public have the chance to have our say?



  4. I will look at what has happened with the dates but I know the report has been written because I’ve been sent it. The application will be considered on 22nd July.


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