Planning Applications Decimate Green Wildlife Corridor

You might like to reflect on the green wildlife corridor that stretches between the open countryside of Trowell Moor and Wollaton Park. It is being decimated by recent planning applications:

Field Farm. Latest application Ref: 20/00116/FUL. See

Land to the West of Coventry Lane. Application Ref: 20/00352/OUT. See

Former Golf Course. Application Ref: 20/00058/REM. See

Bramcote Unity Park. Most of this development is in the City. Nottingham City Council: 19/01564/PFUL3. See Broxtowe Borough Council: Ref: 19/00465/FUL See

Land to the rear of 13 Middleton Crescent. Application Ref: 18/00377/FUL. See

Applications still to come:

Hulks Farm off Coventry Lane

Coventry Lane School Playing Fields


  1. This is turning into a nightmare! I keep finding out about more and more new developments which are going to have a massive impact on this area. And they are mostly huge developments on greenfield, farming sites. I respond to each one and ask about infrastructure (especially schools and medical facilities) – no answer; the impact on traffic and pollution – no answer, or a bland statement that it will be ‘mitigated’ – whatever that means but with no details. I ask about affordable housing since we are told this housing is necessary due to the number of homeless, but to be honest, it just seems to be developers making a lot of money building expensive houses with no regard or a cursory nod to affordable housing. Virtually all councils have made a commitment to being carbon neutral or to improving air quality. I’m afraid putting thousands of new cars on already congested roads (Balloon Woods crossroads is a particular pinch point where many of these developments meet) flies in the face of any aspiration on this front. As for wildlife – these plans will wipe out habitats for numerous animals as well as reducing the green spaces that help keep us sane and which help to clean the air. It’s time for the council to say no.

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    1. I agree – what can we collectively do about it?
      Lots of people are unhappy judging by the comments. Do we petition collectively or individually write to Broxtowe BC?

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      1. Yes, I would like to protect the green spaces of Bramcote too. I don’t think door to door canvassing is an option and I’m not sure whether anything can be done??


      2. I guess the best option is writing to councillors and maybe MPs. I’d love to see a map showing the extent of all these developments in a 3 mile radius of Balloon Woods crossroads; there certainly won’t be much green left. Part of the trouble is that the planning applications are going in piecemeal and it’s when you look at the impact of the whole that it’s quite horrifying. Mind you, I thought that’s what the Planning Department was supposed to do; keep an overall view of the impact of such applications on existing areas and residents. I guess the problem too is that the Council’s staffing have been so run down that they aren’t functioning as they should be. We also need to be persistent in objecting to planning applications and that when they say they are going to ‘mitigate’ the impact on traffic, pollution and air quality that we demand details of how.


  2. With reference to the Bramcote Unity Park proposal, does anyone know why the viability assessment posted on the Nottingham City Council planning portal on 30 June 2020 (the day after the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum online briefing) is not on the Broxtowe planning portal?
    The assessment is at: ( or click on this link


      1. Thanks Steve. Difficult times for them. But they have been very helpful by email and on the phone – hats off to them. Perhaps they could have coordinated with their Nottingham City counterparts and not duplicated the scanning. The viability assessment makes interesting reading, don’t you think?


  3. To those who still hanker for a wildlife corridor (or green wedge) between Wollaton Park and our Green Belt to the west of Coventry Lane, the last planning application in this list (Middleton Crescent) is particularly upsetting.


  4. Well this does not surprise me. Having opposed the Field Farm Development for many years and stated publicly at meetings that this development will be the key to developing all the land up Coventry Lane, Trowell Moor and up to the M1. A fact strenuously denied by the then Council at a public meeting at Beeston Town Hall, particularly by the present leader of the Council, Councillor Radulovic, and Councillors Watts and Rabb.
    Just like then, the current bunch we voted in will not be happy until the only green land in Broxtowe are their managed parks and the Motorway embankment, not forgetting the green corridor to be used for HS2, which conveniently won’t be built on. This is just to stay in line with the out-dated and generally unwanted Local Plan.
    Broxtowe is already the most built up Borough in the County if not the Midlands and of course they will use Boris’s new Build, Build , Build as a back up excuse.
    I remember Anna Soubry, our MP at the time, coming back from Parliament spouting the Minister had stated GreenBelt is sacrosanct and will not be built on, she even campaigned on saving our GreenBelt. How much did she save… NONE. Let’s see if our current MP can do any better. I won’t hold my breath. It all makes no difference to Broxtowe Borough Council, they will build anything and everything regardless of GreenBelt, Wildlife corridors or the environment in general. Finance might have something to do with it.


    1. When Cllr Radulovic and Watts attended those meetings, these areas were in the green belt. They were taken out of green belt and identified as development land by the last administration under Cllr Jackson and Harper. They fought the 2015 Borough election on a platform of saving the green belt!

      The plan was approved by all parties as not doing so would have resulted in a developers’ free for all as was the case at Bramcote Golf Course.


      1. Steve – Field Farm was taken out of the green belt under the LibLab coalition in 2014 and was heavily championed by the then Lib Dem councillors – and justified as being only a small part of the green belt.

        You are right though that Bramcote has been hard done by the present AND past two Councils – being forced to take over 10% of the entire Broxtowe housing target is a heavy burden for Bramcote. And that long promised replacement school building is nowhere near being started let alone finished.

        Now the aligned core strategy review is under way, perhaps it is time for Broxtowe to accept that 6150 is unachievable and that it should choose a more realistic target.


      2. I would love to see a map with all the planned developments from Strelley to Trowell and Bramcote. It’s the classic ‘frog boiling’ approach; throw a frog into hot water and they will jump out. Put a frog in cold water and gradually heat up the water they will swim around not noticing the heat until it’s too late. We seem to have not noticed how all this land is being taken for development as it’s been added a bit at a time. How can the planners square this level of development with the commitments made to climate change and air pollution?


    2. Rick P, I’m afraid that your are totally wrong. I have fought time and time again to prevent any building west of Coventry Lane and will continue to do so. I have never supported anything on there. The fight for Field Farm was lost in the 2004 local plan when the inspector recommended it for development. Although the council was able to avoid that at the time we knew that we had only postponed the inevitable. The position west of Coventry Lane is different. That is a very large area of land with no clear defensible boundaries, and if it was built on then the developers would want to carry on until the whole of Trowell Moor was covered in housing. I am committed to not letting that happen.

      For the sake of absolute openness and disclosure I’ll mention that my house backs on to Coventry Lane so any development there would be directly behind me, but I would oppose it even if that wasn’ he case, in exactly the same way that I oppose development to the east of the A52 north of Bardills Island, which I have had developers trying to foist on us in the past.

      The local plan Part 1 was prepared during a Lib-Lab administration in 2014. Part 2 was prepared during a Conservative administration in 2018. Part 2 identifies both the Coventry Lane playing field and the McCain land off Sidings Lane as development sites, so the reality is that it will now be impossible to prevent development on them. Thankfully they do have clear boundaries (Balloon Woods and the railway line) to prevent any further spread. I’m more than happy to have a chat with anyone about development for Bramcote, and I’ll put this on the agenda for the next CAT meeting (which will be on Zoom on 7th September).


      1. Sorry for the late reply.
        It is good to know you are now so opposed to the development of GreenBelt land within this area, although you did state the same publicly over Field Farm and then later changed your opinion. I believe what you say is true. Both the 2014 and 2018 administrations have left and are planning to leave Bramcote and Stapleford devastated with their idea of good planning.
        I also appreciate your openness about where you live in relation to this application. I must confess await with bated breath to see if Councillor Milanovic and the rest of the Labour and Liberal councillors (with exception of Steve Carr) call you a NIMBY in a public meeting as they did me and other members of STRAG at least twice when we tried to defend Field Farm.
        Still I hope the rest of the Council listen and agree with your opposition to this and any other plan to develop GreenBelt around Stapleford.


  5. Jane –

    Thank you! Your request made me look on the Nottingham and Broxtowe websites.

    You can see the planning history of sites in the Broxtowe part here:

    The Nottingham City map is here:

    If you live in Bramcote, I would encourage you to join the Neighbourhood Forum; whereever you live I would encourage you to comment on planning applications – support, oppose or just make comments.

    We have unprecedented access to planning information through the Council planning portals… we also have a powerful planning system whose policies are made by those whom WE elect as councillors.

    May be see you at Thursday’s online Forum meeting to agree the Forum’s reply to the planning application for Bramcote Unity Park.

    Paul Nathanail
    Chair, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum

    PS Top tip – if you cut and paste the links above into a browser and you get an error it may be the line break is coming through as a carriage return so paste into a text editor and then copy and paste in to the browser


    1. I tried those links but they don’t seem to show planned developments/applications. Maybe I’m missing something here!


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