Covid-19 Advice for reopening Halls and Community Centres

I have been asked about Town and Parish Halls and Community Centres reopening and what advice is there available for them.

There is a lot of information and guidance about at the moment, much of which is changing rapidly.

I would direct you to the following link:

This is a page on the website of ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England).

There is a link on the site to an information sheet which looks at how village halls can prepare risk assessments, ensure social distancing once open and introduce effective cleaning regimes.

There are some practical resources too including checklists, notices for display in halls and sample terms of hire.

Several County Councils are signposting to this resource and I think it will be helpful in terms of what is required.

Thank you to Broxtowe Borough Council for helping me with this inquiry.


Councillor Richard MacRae 

Stapleford North Ward 

Stapleford Town Council 

Broxtowe Borough Council 

0774 034 4427




  1. Gov guidance issued June 30th for community centres says no more than 2 households meeting .. is that the correct interpretation?


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