Bramcote Unity Park Planning Application

Nottingham City Council: 19/01564/PFUL3 | Construct 11 dwellings and provision of infrastructure works to facilitate the creation of a community park | Land To South Of 106 Thoresby Road To 82 Appledore Avenue Nottingham.

New documents relating to this application can be seen at

You can also comment via the above link. When you get to the page on the City Council’s website, click the make a comment button.

Site Layout as a .pdf see Site Layout


  1. This plan would destroy much of the natural woodland space and locals would be reduced to walking on sanitized parkland. No thanks. Nature needs dead trees as well as living ones for the balance of the whole eco system.


  2. Can’t the City Council find some lesser eco system to destroy in order to satisfy their student accommodation fetish?


  3. If you stand in this area of natural beauty and look out through the trees, you are surrounded by houses in every direction. This spot is an oasis of wild beauty, one of the few I know of in Nottingham. What do we need more, good biodiversity and woodland that is hundreds of years old or more houses?


  4. Have Broxtowe Borough Council received a Planning Application for the two million pound plus houses in Bramcote?

    Do those plans Include an extension of the Unity Park to cover the greater part of the old golf course site as proposed by the Developers?

    Hope BBC Planners , Borough Councillors, and the Planning Committee will take into account the views of the Friends of Bramcote Ridge who so loving care for this much appreciated local wild life area. In Bramcote.


      1. The plans don’t appear to be on Broxtowe Borough Council’s website. If not, why not?


      2. Steve,

        The application (Ref: 19/00465/FUL) is at:

        Consultation closes on 15/07/2020

        The Neighbourhood Forum Steering Group is considering holding a public meeting on Thursday 9 July to agree a response to the application. Members of the Forum will be able to vote on the Forum’s response.

        Paul Nathanail
        Chair, Bramcote Neightbourhood Forum

        If anyone would like to join the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum, please complete the form at


      3. The Broxtowe planning notice attached to a lamp post at the the top of Sandy Lane (dated 10th June 2020) states that representations about the application should be made by 1st July. On the assumption that the closing date for comments has been postponed to 15th July, it’s a bit naughty that local notices have not been changed accordingly.

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  5. This is an area of natural beauty, and it is so rare to find unspoiled spots around Nottingham. Please reconsider your decision to destroy this much loved walking spot.


  6. If this Coronavirus season teaches us anything please let it be to respect nature- our wilderness areas must be protected for the sake of the natural inhabitants but also us humans! When we weren’t allowed to go anywhere except for an hours ‘exercise’ where do you think half the Bramcote, Wollaton and Beeston residents went for this walk? To much loved spaces like Bramcote Ridge. Without this space where could we have gone with our children? It is a magical place and many dens have been made by our kids alongside the dens of the animal locals! Please consider all our futures in your decision.


  7. It saddens me to see more woodland removed and destroyed. Haven’t we learned anything from this pandemic?
    1. Our best hope of controlling climate change is through woodland. We need more trees to soak up the CO2 we keep creating.
    2. Nature and open space has been a great way of maintaining positive mental health during COVID
    3. Many of the recent pandemics (COVID, Ebola, SARS for example) are proven to be caused by keeping animals in stressful conditions – limiting their natural habitat etc.
    We humans are meant to be custodians of the planet and yet we consistently make bad choices which will be paid for by our children and grandchildren. Please can we unite to save as much of this beautiful open space as possible and by the force of public pressure insist on building ONLY on brownfield sites (of which there are many, but they aren’t as popular or cheap for developers).


  8. Are ‘we’ complete idiot’s I really do wonder… surely destroying more green space for more concrete/pollution and drain on facilities is ludicrous, shouldn’t we be looking at using the space we have already stolen from nature is better used. As a resident I am completely against this, fiercely against anymore destruction/construction…


  9. This is a beautiful established woodland area and truly a tranquil haven. It would be a huge shame to lose it – once it is gone it is gone forever. It would particularly be a shame to lose it for housing that we do not need – these are not houses for those who need housing.


  10. This would be a disaster for the local area, there’s going to less open spaces to use and less habitat for the already dwindling wildlife population. Normal people clearly don’t matter, as long as a few select people get some nice houses to live in.


  11. With an increase in local flooding and a number of houses already being built within a short distance this is very sad to see. We need this land, there is already too much concrete jungle!
    People need green space for their mental health and wellbeing, local parks are already heavily used and this would only increase if this development were to go ahead.
    And we don’t need any more overpriced homes. We need affordable homes, and I mean affordable!


  12. Please go to : for a latest status update.

    Please also be aware that this ‘PRIVATE LAND’ has been bought by local residents to allow it to be available for the whole community to use forever. At present, if you have walked in it regularly this use has been unauthorised [trespass]. If you enjoy using it, then the creation of the ‘woodland park’ via a Charitable [non profit] body made up of residents from the community ensures its future for generations to come and at no cost to the ‘public purse’.


  13. I too would like to register my objection to this project. As others have pointed out, we need the benefits of wildlife and wild spaces for both our mental and physical well being. With over 6000 new home being built in Broxtowe, we need to fight to keep our green spaces, especially where the housing being planned isn’t of any benefit to those who are homeless. Just because 11 people are rich and ‘want’ exclusive houses, the rest of us shouldn’t have to lose the space we need.

    I would also like to know if any of these 6000+ houses have a requirement on them to be eco friendly?


    1. Hi Jane. To make an impact with your objection you need to write to both Nottingham City Council and Broxtowe Borough Council to formally say you don’t support these proposals and to give your reasons for doing so. You can usually do this on their websites against the relevant planning application. This tends to be a numbers game. The more people formally object, the more notice will be taken. Unfortunately you may be too late to do this as the period for comment may have closed.
      Depending on where you live you could also lobby you local councillors – their contact emails will be on the Councils’ website.
      Commenting on Social Media is a weak way of putting forward your objection. Its always important to use the official channels.


      1. Thanks Steve. I agree with your final comment, but, as you say, the consultation period is closed now on Unity Park. When I tied local councillors before about the development of the school field, I was told City Councillors couldn’t help because it was a Broxtowe planning issue and that Broxtowe Councillors couldn’t help because my address is in the city! I have therefore written to my local MP – I tried Darren Henry first, but again, as I don’t live in his constituency, he couldn’t help. Sadly, I’m also assuming that with the government’s announcement about relaxing planning rules, it’s going to be even more difficult to resist the developers appetite for virgin, green field sites. How very depressing!


  14. Jane: The question is what Ward do you live in as that will drive which Councillors you can speak to.
    Most of this development is in the City and I expect their Planning Department will in a sense lead the decision making on this development.
    Watch out for the publication of the agendas for the Planning Committee Meetings of Nottingham City Council and Broxtowe Borough Council for the meetings on 22 July. These documents will give an analysis of the application and will give a recommendation from the Council Officers to the Councillors on the Planning Committees. Bear in mind these recommendations will be in line with planning regulations. They will also cover the comments received from individuals and organisations.
    It is up to the Planning Committee Councillors to consider and debate the Officers recommendations and the representations received coming to a decision.
    If this application is rejected, I would expect an appeal in which case it will be a while before we finally know where we are.


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