Planning Application for Land Off Coventry Lane – Major Impact on Bramcote

Application Details – Ref: 20/00352/OUT
Site Address: Land Adjacent And North West Of Bramcote Crematorium Coventry Lane Bramcote Nottinghamshire
Proposal: Outline application to construct residential development with all matters reserved except for the formation of vehicular access from Coventry Lane

Details now on Broxtowe Borough Council website. See them by clicking this link.




  1. Am I right in thinking this land is owned by the County Council? Was at least some of it not designated as possible extension to the Crematorium? Why develop it now when Field Farm isn’t complete?
    What’s the latest news on the planned development on the east side of Coventry Lane that’s supposed to fund the building of a replacement school?


    1. Val – I will be covering land use and planning matters relevant to Bramcote next Monday during the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum online briefing. A link to allow Forum members to register for the meeting will be sent out in the next couple of days. Anyone who would like to join the Forum and hence get this link, can join at:

      Paul Nathanail
      Chair, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum


  2. I have come across the following article which is an interesting read:

    It looks like the developer plans to market the properties as being in Bramcote although, to the best of my knowledge, the land is in Stapleford. Maybe the postal authorities have agreed to give them a Bramcote postal address?

    The developer also states that ‘The Bramcote development is a very rural greenfield site in a lovely setting…’ It will be interesting to see how much of that remains once the 178 new houses have been built?


  3. Mike –

    The land is quite clearly in Stapleford – it falls within the area covered by the Stapleford Town Council neighbourhood plan – see map:

    Click to access stapleford-town-council-application-for-neighbourhood-area-map.pdf

    There are several repeated attempts to blur the boundaries and distinction between Stapleford and Bramcote to suit specific agendas but I would hope that both the new Mayor of Stapleford and the Town Council would wish to lay claim to this “very rural greenfield site in a lovely setting”.



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