Worst Ever Flooding on Ullswater Crescent – Time this Problem was Resolved

Murray Stewart writes:  Our flooding was the worst ever with nearly every house that backs on to Derby Road having their garages flooded. The problem is that we get the run off from Cow Lane etc. not only coming along the gutter in the road but entering the domestic drains which just can’t cope. Of course Severn Trent aren’t responsible for the drains on private property but I don’t see why we should have to deal with the water their system is unable to deal with.

Pictures from Pete Ward. Click on the pictures to start a slideshow :

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  1. I am speaking to County Highways this afternoon about this.

    In the meantime I have arranged that any resident who has been flooded can obtain a Recovery Grant . This is intended to be a short burst of income to help with the early recovery stages. Please let your neighbours know.

    The amount is £120. Apply by phoning the County Council on 0300 500 80 80.


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