Darren Henry’s Views on Dominic Cummings’ Trip to Durham During Lockdown

Dr Allan Dodds writes: Following the breach of lockdown rules by Dominic Cummings I wrote to Darren Henry seeking his reassurance that he would condemn this antisocial behaviour and support those in his Party who wished to see Cummings duly removed from office. His reply was supportive of Cummings in that because the Police hadn’t charged him, it wasn’t for the likes of me to judge him. This effectively reduces a matter of social conscience and morality to a mere legal technicality.

I consider this response to be wholly inadequate given that Cummings had no good reason to leave London, deliberately taking the Covid-19 virus to the North of England instead of availing himself of local childcare facilities. Cummings set a very bad example to the rest of the country and his actions were a slap in the face to all of us who have diligently kept to government guidelines over the last twelve weeks and who have made personal sacrifices for the sake of our community. Neither Cummings nor the Prime Minister had the honour to ensure that his resignation was mandatory, as it has been for two other senior government advisors.

The message from our Conservative MP and his Party is clear: there is one law for the elite and another for the rest of us. Also, Henry informed me that the matter was now closed, which it is not, as there is a civil action in progress to call Cummings to account by way of a Judicial Review. Any MP who supports the likes of Cummings must inevitably find themselves supporting anyone else who breaches the regulations, as many people post-Cummings are now doing. I therefore call for Mr Henry’s resignation on the grounds of contempt for the health protection rules that are there for our safeguarding and a failure to act in the interests of his constituency members.




  1. Allan, very well said . We were warned that D.H. was shackled to Boris’s shirt-tails . Sadly , now it seems that is true . Our two previous M.P.’s were people of integrity and principle .

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  2. I completely agree with you Allan. We have been completely let down by the actions of Cummings and the cowardice of the elected. I feel helpless in what to do about it.


  3. Dr Allan Dodds

    Can you advise what reply you received from Kier Starmer about three of his elected MPs, that are answerable to the electorate, that broke lockdown. All of which have had little criticism compared to an unelected civil servant.


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