trentbarton June Timetables and Updates

Timetable changes from Sunday 14 June
As lockdown restrictions start to ease, we are making plans to ensure that we are here when you need us. We will therefore be making changes to a number of services from Sunday 14 June.
For a full summary of these changes tap here.

Victoria bus station from Sunday 14 June
From this Sunday, Victoria bus station will be open for buses dropping off only. You will not be able to catch your bus from the bus station, instead you can catch your bus from nearby stops highlighted in this map.

Face coverings from Monday 15 June
As of this Monday, face coverings will be a requirement while using public transport. We ask that if you can, please do so. We have created a handy guide on how to create your own using an old t-shirt, tap here to find out how.

Concessionary passes from Monday 15 June
From this Monday, we will be removing our temporary acceptance of concessionary passes before 9.30am.

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