Free support to get fit and healthy

The free new service to help people to get active, lose weight, reduce alcohol intake and quit smoking is now offering support online and via the phone for Nottinghamshire residents to comply with social distancing.

Your Health, Your Way, which is funded by Nottinghamshire County Council, has been offering some remote support since the beginning of April, including smoking cessation and weight management services to pregnant women. They have received around 100 referrals a week for these services. They have now extended this to include a full remote service offer for Nottinghamshire residents (excluding the City).

Figures show that in Nottinghamshire, 15.4% of people smoke and 66.7% are overweight or obese. It is estimated that 131,011 adults drink at levels that pose a risk to their health.

Councillor Tony Harper, Chair of Adult Social Care and Public Health Committee at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “This is excellent news for anyone who is looking for some additional support to make some lifestyle changes. We know it’s not always easy to make these changes on your own, so the team at Your Health, Your Way can support people to find what works for them.

“Take smoking for example – even if you’ve tried quitting before and didn’t manage it, don’t give up. Many smokers try several times before they succeed, but getting the right support and using stop smoking aids to help ease the cravings gives you a much better chance of success.”

Dominic Duggan is from ABL Health, who are running the Your Health Your Way service:  “At ABL Health we understand the profound impact that this lockdown period is having on people’s health and wellbeing as it continues to disrupt our daily routines. With this in mind we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to develop a comprehensive remote delivery service to ensure all of our service users can access the support they need within the comfort of their own homes. It has never been more important to make positive lifestyle changes and we are here to help!”

The service is free to use and people can refer themselves or be referred by a professional such as a GP. Find out more:

·       Website:

·       Phone: 0115 772 2515

·       Email:

Case study

65 year old Valerie Jones, from Nuthall, had smoked 10-15 cigarettes a day for 53 years. She tried to quit once before without success. She referred herself to Your Health Your Way on 14 April and set herself a 28 day quit target. Due to COVID-19, her support was provided remotely by an advisor called Sandra. She has successfully quit by her target date and used the money she would otherwise have spent to buy herself £300 worth of garden furniture so she can enjoy her summer in the fresh air. She is now saving to buy herself a summer house.

Valerie said: “I just loved to smoke, but in the last two years I had some really nasty chest infections and I couldn’t walk without getting breathless. I knew it was time to stop. I went to the doctors and spoke to the nurse who referred me to Your Health Your Way.

“Every time I’ve spoken to my advisor Sandra, I’ve been straight with her. She’s really helped me through this. But the emphasis is on you. I’ve found it’s helped to bake cakes or do the garden every time I’ve got a craving, so I’ve been baking wonderful cakes you’ve never seen before!

“I’m really proud I’ve done what I wanted to do. I still rely on patches but there have been days where I’ve forgotten to put them on and I’ve been ok.

“Smoking has been part of my life – it’s been me. It’s like saying goodbye to someone. But at the end of the day, you can do it. You just say ‘you’re not ruling my life anymore!’”


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