Darren – Give us a Meaningful Update

To Darren Henry:

In your update of 5 June you say you have spoken to Jonathan Gribbin, Director of Public Health at Nottinghamshire County Council. You sensibly reiterate the Government advice to control the spread of the Coronavirus but you don’t give any meaningful analysis of the situation. We need some local details. I don’t expect figures for Bramcote but you might consider Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire further breaking down the figures where you can.

  1. How many cases are being tested positive?
  2. What are the occupations of those positive and what are the is the percentages of BAME groups affected, nursing home residents and NHS workers?
  3. Is Track and Tracing up and running and are all the identified infections being followed up?
  4. What is R here?
  5. Are there any spikes as happened in Weston-Super-Mare?
  6. How will we know if the easing the lockdown is dangerously increasing infections?

Other considerations.

  1. I may have had Covid-19. When and where can I get an effective ant-body test?
  2. The Government says is has secured 100 million doses of the the Oxford University vaccine in development. What’s the plan for using it assuming its safe and works?

I am sure readers of Bramcote Today will have other pertinent questions.

Finally yesterday’s Government press conference was taken by Mat Hancock alone. There were no scientific advisers present. This does suggest they are unable to support the thrust of the Government’s approach. Please honestly comment on this.



  1. Please also comment on why this week you voted to lower food safety standards along with safeguards for British farmers.


  2. The Scientists are distancing themselves from Givernment as they fear for being blamed for the Government’s tardiness and incompetence. Printing Patel should have introduced the air travellers’ quarantine weeks ago. As fast as those of us who responsibly locked down and closed the front door, she was letting Covid-19 in by the back door. Disgraceful arrogance and ineptitude.


  3. Some data for Bramcote can be found by searching “Coronavirus deaths in your local area/ONS”
    Bramcote has 5
    Other local wards include
    Wollaton Vale 1
    Stapleford North and South 1
    Chilwell West 1


      1. The news today is all about the NHS being unprepared for a government directive about ALL NHS staff being required to wear surgical PPE. They would have liked discussion on what could best be done prior to this directive. Also I heard today that another directive is that all places of worship should be opened. As a churchwarden I have had no notice of this from anywhere, including church authorities, and there is much that needs to be done to make this possible. I am really concerned that our government makes such decisions without consultation with all those involved in enacting these directives. Perhaps our MP can comment on these concerns.


  4. Sorry Steve , ONS does not seem to show this, but another good question for your letter to our MP.


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