Steve Carr’s Letter to Darren Henry re Dominic Cummings

Councillor Steve Carr writes:

My letter to Darren Henry MP

Dear Darren

I am a constituent living in Beeston and Deputy Leader of Broxtowe Council.

We have seen the Prime Minister on national television undermine weeks of effort made by millions of households and families in the country (including your constituents in Broxtowe) by protecting the position of one person who has clearly broken the laws imposed on the country in the interests of preventing the spread of the virus. The fact Mr Cummings has done this not just once but twice compounds this.

So in putting the interests of Mr Cummings ahead of the rest of the country the Prime Minister has in effect said to those who followed the rules that Lockdown is no longer in effect. So long as you are doing what’s in your best interests go where you want and when you want.

We have seen many of your colleagues tow the line and back Mr Cummings. Many others have broken ranks and stated what they truly feel and done the decent and honest thing. The question now is: which camp are you in?

Do you support Mr Cummings attempt at childcare (which he actually didn’t get when he got to Durham by the way) or do you believe he acted inappropriately against the laws your government implemented?

I await your answer with interest,

Councillor Steve Carr


  1. Agree 100% with Steve’s comments in his letter regarding Cummings. The man has behaved with complete contempt for the many millions of “normal” people who have followed the rules of lockdown in far, far more difficult circumstances than those faced by Cummings and his family.

    Any credibility that your leader might have had is now going very rapidly down the drain please do the right thing Darren and tell him Cummings must go immediately.
    Mike Spencer


  2. Well said. Your letter expresses the views of many. Every day we read heartbreaking stories of people unable to see and comfort their loved ones before they die, people dying alone,; all doing their part at terrible personal cost to try and contain the virus.
    Yet Dominic Cummings family is somehow so much more important that he can ignore the rules and do what he likes. Worst, he is an “adviser” to the Government, he clearly doesn’t take the advice he gives the rest of us…. one rule for Government elite and one for the people they are meant to serve.


  3. Very well said, Councillor Carr.
    We in our house have folloeed ‘the rules’ and although our grown-up children do not live far away we have had to refrain from seeing them or hugging them, including through a handful of family birthdays, instead relying on video calls throughout the months of lockdown.
    I am simply disgusted at Cummings’ behaviour and his dismissive arrogance when questioned about his violation of the rules. Boris Johnson has a really tough job to do at the moment and whilst there are things that certainly could have been done better in responding effectively and in a timely manner to this virus, his support for Cummings’ journeys is just inexcuseable. Cummings needs to do the decent thing (i.e. find a sword to fall on) and not put Boris in this no-win position.
    Somehow I don’t expect you will get a sensible reply from our relatively-invisible MP Mr Henry, but good on you for trying.


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