Reopening Our Schools

Reopening: A developing situation with safety at the forefront

Paul Heery, Chief Executive Officer, The White Hills Park Trust writes in the newsletter: We have come to the end of another half-term, almost certainly the strangest half term that any of us can remember in schools. I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to our parents and carers, who have been so supportive over the last few weeks, as we have had to try and establish a very different way of working with students as well as maintaining provision for those students from priority groups who have still been attending, whilst planning for the range of situations that might face us in the next few weeks and months.

Since last week’s Newsletter, the situation has continued to change and develop. The government’s stated intention to open primary schools for some year groups from the 1st June, and for secondary schools to plan some face to face support to supplement remote learning for Year 10 and Year 12 students, has been under continual review. Our schools are making plans on that basis, but we are still awaiting further guidance about  secondary schools in particular, and also the government’s own assessment to indicate whether the 5 tests for opening have been met. This is unlikely to be released until the end of next week, and so our face to face provision will not start immediately after half term, but as soon as safely possible thereafter.

The position is very clear in both schools – we want to provide support for student learning and will work in line with the government aspiration for reopening as long as we can do that safely for students and staff. We have drawn up detailed plans to maintain a safe and hygienic environment and ensure that our staff and students can attend with confidence. These include making adaptations to the curriculum, focusing on student wellbeing and welfare, introducing new, more extensive cleaning, ensuring we have sufficient hand sanitiser, clothing and equipment, and so on. Before opening, we will make sure that we share the plans with you.

We will also continue to provide the remote learning curriculum for all year groups and will make sure that any increase in the provision on site does not come at the detriment of Key Stage 3 students.

See Newsletter Issue 249 22 May 2020

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