Kay Cutts on Teachers

Councillor Steve Carr writes: The Conservative Leader of Nottinghamshire County council has said this about teachers and schools opening in June.

“I hope the teachers are going to feel able to do this, and if you like, pay back a little bit for everybody else keeping the shops going, hospitals being open, police being open, so many services have been open.”

1. Schools have been open looking after vulnerable children and children of key workers.
2. Teachers have been striving to educate children in different ways during this period.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Steve Carr commented, “Mrs Cutts has always had a problem with lack of good judgement. She lets her prejudices get in the way. Teachers have been key workers during this very difficult time and anyone who thinks otherwise is plain wrong.”


  1. Councillor Cutts’ comments are outrageous. Nasty emotional blackmail plus misleading message that teachers have been ‘off’. They have been ‘giving’ the entire lockdown time and have been working to keep things going and care for children. Who does she think has been running the schools, preparing materials, contacting students and families? And all this achieved with what, a couple of days’ notice? Shame on you.


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