Waste and Recycling Updates In Broxtowe

From Broxtowe Borough Council:

Bank Holiday Bin Collections

Next week your bin will be collected a day later due to the bank holiday. The list below has two columns, the first being your Normal collection and second your Revised collection due to the bank holiday.

Normal Collection          Revised Collection Day
Monday 25th May           Tuesday 26th May
Tuesday 26th May           Wednesday 27th May
Wednesday 27th May      Thursday 28th May
Thursday 28th May          Friday 29th May
Friday 29th May               Saturday 30th May

Household Waste & Recycle Centres (HWRC)

Nottinghamshire County Council have safely reopened six of its 12 Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs). Beeston’s HWRC is open from 10-6pm daily. You are advised to only make the journey if you cannot store your waste safely at home. Please also read the guidance for the visit .

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Bulky Waste Collection Service Covid 19 Adaptated

Bookings for the bulky waste service has now resumed. However, there are some necessary changes to the service due to COVID 19.

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General Bin Collection Service

Bin collections are running as normal. However we are seeing waste and recycling tonnages increasing which could impact on service delivery. If for some reason your bin is not collected, please email refuse@broxtowe.gov.uk or call 0115 917 7777 to report your missed collection. Please ensure the waste is not sticking out of the bins.


Please continue to recycle. We ask you to comply to the items specified on your bin stickers. By doing so, the machinery at the facility where the recycling is processed can recognise the items for recycling. We can all help to reduce contamination by following this list. Thank you for making a difference by recycling to the specifications.

Broxtowe Recycle Video

Recycling banks / Bring sites

Thank you for recycling your glass bottles. At this time, we are seeing large volumes of glass recycled at the bring sites.
This has resulted in glass being left at the sides of the banks. We kindly advise that if the banks are full at the time, please keep the glass safely at your property until the banks are emptied or place in your own glass collection bags. We are receiving weekly collections of these from our contractors. Glass left at the side of the containers will not to be collected by our contractors.

Order glass bags

To report a glass bring site being full email recycling@broxtowe.gov.uk

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