1. May I please encourage as many people as possible to send their views on this, positive or negative, to the council. On the council websites front page (www.broxtowe.gov.uk) there is a link to post comments on the application. You need to use the reference 20/00116 when you get onto that form. The more people who send in comments the better. These will be considered by the councillors when they decide this application. Many thanks, David


  2. Just to update on the application for Field Farm in Stapleford.

    Application Details – Ref: 20/00116/FUL


    Firstly as I am on the Planning Committee I cannot and will not get into any debate or discussion regarding the live application, as with all applications I remain open minded and make any decisions at the relevant meeting.

    Broxtowe Borough Council are still awaiting information to be submitted by the applicant and once this has been submitted and uploaded onto the system a further 21 days will be given to run the public consultation.

    So please ignore the time given on the letter many of you have already received.

    Below is what I have been told by Broxtowe Borough Council today.

    Dear Councillor MacRae,
    We still haven’t got all the information required.  When we do receive the information, site notices will be posted around the site again giving 21 days to comment.
    I will let you now once we have the information.
    Many thanks


      1. Do you mean regards the Public Highway over Field Farm?

        I have just sent the information to Bramcote Today email.

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