Cycle lanes

Councillor Steve Carr writes: In light of the Government’s recent announcement regarding cycling, I have written to the Highways Agency asking for a cycle lane to be installed on the westbound carriage way of Derby Road between the Sherwin and Priory roundabouts. Currently, the Bus Lane on the eastbound carriageway doubles as a cycle lane.

After the recent and long campaigned for speed cameras have been installed, it makes sense to go one step further and make this stretch of road safer for cyclists.


  1. Thanks Steve Carr for highlighting the challenges of cycling along Derby Road. The combined cycle and fast-track bus lane has its limitations. Bus drivers get frustrated by being behind slow cyclists, who cannot always mount the pavement to make way, and cyclists get intimidated by frustrated bus drivers. I think more radical solutions are needed. Could a bike highway be created in the central reservation, for example?


  2. Also, why is the eastbound bus lane, from Bramcote Island to Priory Island 24 hours? We do not have a 24 hour bus service. The bus lane should be made shorter at the junction of Thoresby Road.

    Also, the current deristricted area only allows for about 3 cars wanting to turn left from Derby Road into Thoresby Road. Even less if a bus is already at the traffic lights.

    The ideal scenario would be to have the bus lane, as a bus lane, from 07:00 – 09:30 and for the bus lane to be shortened, at the approach to Thoresby Road, to allow about 5 cars that are going to turn left, into Thoresby Road.


    1. I agree Sarah but I have to tell you there is very little car friendly feeling at the Department of Transport at the moment. I will pass on your comments though because they make sense from a safety point of view.


      1. Steve

        While you are at it and presuming DoT has not forgotten the value of Buses when the weather is cold, wet and ‘orrible, perhaps they could look at making the inner west bound lane a combined BUS and Bike lane (to match the east bound one). After all, what goes in has to come out and the traffic chaos that we are walking into between Sherwin and the M1 junction is just around the corner.

        Oh, and don’t forget to make sure (suitably permitted) eScooters are given a green light too.



    1. Anything that gets cyclists off the pedestrian footways is to be welcomed. Singles and groups whizz down our pavement without a thought for either pedestrians of for cars that might be inching out of their hedged driveways. Pavements are for pedestrians, roads are for vehicles including cycles. I cannot understand why no-one takes action against this dangerous menace. And for obvious reasons of potential collision/damage/injury caused by cyclists they should be required to be insured. And yes I am a cyclist, yes I am insured, and no I don’t cycle on pavements – it’s unreasonable and unsafe for pedestrians, especially unpredictable children.


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