White Hills Park Trust Newsletter

WHP issue newsletters weekly and I publish information that I believe may be interest to Bramcote residents who don’t have children at the school and already likely to receive the newsletter.

Bringing our School Community together online
“We are really pleased to announce two additional initiatives at Alderman White which are designed to extend our current online teaching provision to the areas of enrichment and language-learning for the wider community.

This week saw the first online evening class in Spanish for adult learners and over the next few weeks we shall be rolling out additional classes in a range of languages including Arabic, French, Japanese, Italian and Mandarin. Over 250 people take
part in evening and Saturday language classes at Alderman White and we hope we shall be able to use online teaching to support this great community of learners.
At the same time we have launched an online version of our annual Cabaret (#StayatHome Cabaret) where we hope to
recreate the familiar mix of comedy, song and dance in a digital format. If you would like to find out more about these projects, please email karsten.stephan@whptrust.org“.

Click to read the full newsletter.


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