Field Farm – Further Development Plans

Zoe Cockcroft writes: Cerda Planning on behalf of Westerman Homes have now pushed letters through a few letterboxes stating information on the new Hybrid Planning Application for the next phase of the Field Farm Development (previously greenbelt) at Stapleford North, Nottingham.

This precious site was given over to development after several years of battles to provide apparently a much needed housing shortage for Nottingham. But now, they now plan to put shops, restaurants, fast food outlets, a become a local centre for retail and professional services! This will have detrimental effect on the local shops and services already in place within a short distance of the site. They also plan to have a play area…when there is actually one across the road.

This letter states that anyone wishing to make a comment have 21 days from the date (27th April).

I have repeatedly gone onto the the Broxtowe Borough Council website to – Find an application and could not find it. I am not alone, other neighbours have mentioned it too as its actually not there!

This is not acceptable!


  1. Due to Coronavirus, we’re asking applicants to notify neighbours of their proposed planning applications and they have to do this before we make the planning application valid.

    The letter is from Cerda Planning who are the agent for W Westerman Ltd, the developer of the Field Farm site. The application is not yet valid so the plans are not yet available to view on our website. We are waiting on some further information from the developer before making it valid. Once received, the application will be available to view on our website. The 21 day consultation period has not started yet and will not start until the application is valid and the site notices are posted.

    As you know, the site as a whole has outline planning permission for 450 dwellings (with phase 1 having detailed permission and under construction) and there is no change proposed to this number of dwellings or the size of the development site. The latest application (20/00116/FUL) provides details of phase 2 and proposes a further outline application for the remainder of the site (which already has outline consent).


  2. In the current circumstances an easily understood and informative letter . Calm , rational consideration is preferable to melodramatic over- reaction .


  3. Hi,
    I completely agree with Zoe on this, even though we are now informed the 21 day consultation period will not start until the actual plan appears on the Council Website and they are still waiting for information.
    The CERDA later does state that the planning application has in fact been submitted.

    We fought long and hard over many years to try and keep this and other Greenbelt land free of development, only for the then Council to cave in eventually as usual to maintain housing figures. We accepted the outcome and the loss of the farmland, and kept a close eye on the development. We have attended meetings and been to exhibitions at the Stapleford Council Offices to see the proposed plans for Phase 2 of Field Farm. We even had representatives from Cerda explain the housing and proposed flood alliviation.

    Now it appears by this letter they are proposing a completely different plan for phase 2 which includes 200 dwellings, retail, financial and professional services, restaurants/cafes, drinking establishments and hot food takeaways. This was never shown on the plans at the exhibition, so you can see our obvious frustration and we are hoping the Council will too and question this proposal. It just goes to prove CERDA and indeed Westermans cannot be trusted. Still we will eventually have the 21 days to raise any objections we have, not that I believe it will make any difference whatsoever ever.


    1. Is this more ” N.I.M.B.Y. ” hype ? How can publicly ” proposing ” a plan to create a community deserve the insult ” cannot be trusted ” ?


      1. Hi Ian,
        I resent your NIMBY hype remark, as for years we have fought against building on GreenBelt Land anywhere in this Borough, not only at Field farm but other sites some large and some small around this area. After all this is the most built up Borough in Nottinghamshire. I gave my opinion that they can’t be trusted as they showed very detailed proposals for Phases 1 & 2 at a public exhibition and consultation, which we found to be acceptable, even though we still objected in principle to the build in the first place as it was on GreenBelt. Now it seems by this letter, they are proposing something completely different and there will be no exhibition or dialogue, just 21 days to raise any objections. That is why I said what I said, it was not meant to insult anyone, it is my opinion and I am entitled to it, just as you are yours. I will now await to see the proposed plan as you will before making any final judgements.


      2. Thank you for revealing that you object to others having a home , as you probably do , on land historically undeveloped . I also note that you reveal yourself as being a Borough wide N.I.M.B.Y.


      3. I do not object to you or anyone else having a home, indeed I would put and end to the homeless crisis tomorrow if I could. You clearly did not attend any of the meetings with the various local Councils over the Broxtowe Plan and housing, where you would have learned about the vast number of empty and derelict properties in the Borough, or the alternative vacant Brownfield Sites available, which developers avoid developing because of cost. Developing GreenBelt is not only easier but cheaper for Developers and they already own most of it in this area anyway.
        In the case of Field Farm, it has been farmed and used for growing crops almost every year for the past 45 years I have lived in the area if that is what you mean by undeveloped. Perhaps after the Council has built its 6150 or more houses on most of the Green Areas in the Borough and there are only the Council run parks, a couple of Football pitches and the Motorway Embankments left you will be happy.


    2. There is a difference between submitted and registered. If more information is requested on submission of a plan, it will not be registered until it is received.


      1. The housing sector is struggling to achieve completion targets (never mind the COVID19 lockdown). Is it time to seriously revise downwards the clearly unachievable target of 6150 homes by 2028 that Broxtowe set itself in 2014?

        Data from MHCLG suggests new construction starts have been trending downwards since peaking in 2018. On the other hand, Broxtowe’s own Local Plan Part 2 expects RECORD levels of house building every year from this year until 2028 to make that 6150 figure.

        Perhaps we could also hear from our own councillors on this matter?



  4. Steve is a Bramcote councillor for the County Council. I had messaged Zoe on a different site to confirm the situation with the application, I didn’t realise she had put the same message on here as well. The current situation is that the application submitted by the developers is not yet complete, which is why it is not on the councils website yet. The officers are expecting the complete application within the next couple of weeks. Any time period for public comments will not start until that happens.

    Unfortunately the changing of housing targets can only be done through a new local plan. That’s not something that we can do at the moment, but we are looking at what changes can be made to the local plan during its review. I’ll be able to post more information about this later in the year.


    1. David

      Great to hear from you – you don’t need me to tell you that planning is a borough council matter hence my gentle nudge that our borough councillors may wish to engage with us on a planning matter of great significance for Bramcote.

      Presumably there will need to be another letter going to those who ought to be contacted to inform them of the correct window for comments.

      Looking forward to seeing the full proposal and also hearing how – and being involved in – the council is planning on reviewing its target of 6150 dwellings as part of the review of the aligned core strategy that the council is currently undertaking.

      best regards,



  5. More noise flooding and removal of green belt land if they really want to help with social housing 24 dwellings isn’t enough .


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