A Patient’s Journey, HS2 Compensation, Comment on Business Support for Broxtowe, Woods and more

I have been in contact with Dr John Doddy as GP at Hickings Lane Medical Centre and Dr James Read a GP at The Manor Surgery Beeston and discussed the proposed new Clinical Management Centres (CMC) for Primary Care that will help GPs maintain safe local services during the coronavirus pandemic.  Dr Read told me that Chilwell Valley and Meadows Practice will become a CMC or ‘Hot Hub’ if needed. Dr Doddy has made an excellent explainer video about a patient’s journey through Hickings Lane Medical Centre starting from a triage to admittance to hospital or back to their home if the medical centre becomes a ‘Hot Hub’ for Stapleford. The journey will involve minimal patient contact and safe assessments. The video here is most definitely worth three minutes of your time.

On Wednesday (15th of April) the HS2 Minister, Andrew Stephenson, gave ‘notice to proceed’, in other words the green light, that marks the formal approval for the main construction works to begin on Phase One of HS2.  My priority as well as the Government’s is to combat the spread of coronavirus and beat it, but as the Minister said: “we cannot delay work on our long-term plan to level up the country.” To ensure that the views of the people of Broxtowe were expressed, I had a virtual meeting with Jason Pacey, Senior Engagement Manager, and Chris Pateman, Area Manager, for the southern half of the Birmingham to Leeds leg (Phase 2b). I raised your concerns about HS2 with them and we discussed the following topics as well as others:

  • Derby Road Bridge (Stapleford to Sandiacre)
  • The route through Trowell and Strelley
  • The Hub Station at Toton
  • Mitigation and the Compensation Statutory Blight scheme

For the Government’s guidance and frequently asked questions about Compensation Statutory Blight scheme click HERE.  The overall position was that the route going through our community is subject to the National Infrastructure Commission’s Rail Needs Assessment for the Midlands and the North and the Integrated Rail Plan. I will be working with the people of Broxtowe to ensure that you receive all the mitigation and the compensation you deserve and are entitled to because I am here to serve you and your families.

I am encouraging land managers here in Broxtowe to get involved in a multi-million-pound Government-backed scheme to see more trees planted as part of a woodland creation scheme. The Forestry Commission now has its second auction of the Woodland Carbon Guarantee. I am very passionate about our local environment – be it our urban centres such as Beeston or be it our beautiful countryside around Giltbrook – I would like us all here in Broxtowe to join together to make it one of the greenest places to live in.  More information about the system can be found via this link: gov.uk/guidance/woodland-carbon-guarantee

I am pleased that the Government has extended the cut-off date for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. This will be most helpful to the businesses here in Broxtowe. Micro, small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of our economy both nationally and locally here in Broxtowe. Out of the 2,850 businesses based here in the Broxtowe Constituency, 99% of those fit this category and is why the extension is so important to our local businesses. More information on this scheme and about the extension can be found on my website. darrenhenry.org.uk/coronavirus

As always, I am here to serve you and your family wherever you live in Broxtowe.  Please do not hesitate to contact me and remember to send in your recommendations for your Broxtowe’s Heroes to darren.henry.mp@parliament.uk.



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