Broxtowe Borough Council Planning Committee Meeting 22 April

The documents have been published for the meeting. See

1. No golf course details. Looking at the minutes of the previous meeting, it seems items can be deferred under rules brought in in connection with Covid-19 if they are likely to generate a substantial public interest and attendance at a meeting.
2. The major item is the cinema/entertainment/apartment complex by the bus interchange in Beeston for resolution of reserved matters. The Civic Society thinks its design is dire. Interestingly the Local Clinical Commissioning Group is asking for money to develop local doctors’ surgeries.
3. In the delegated decisions for Bramcote, applications to convert buildings at St John’s College to apartments have been refused.

1 Comment

  1. The report acknowledges the council owns the site, therefore the council has a substantial financial motive to maximise the amount of development but – from my reading – the report does not clarify the extent of that financial interest nor the likely capital receipts and/or ongoing leasehold revenue from this massive building project.


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