Leisure Strategy Presentation and Questionnaire

Click to view the Sport and Leisure Workshop Presentation

As anticipated might be the case tonight’s meeting has been cancelled but you can view the presentation and respond to the questionnaire and return to Chris.Laxton-Kane@lleisure.co.uk

Regular readers or attenders of the Bramcote CAT meetings will be aware of the conversations/debates around the future of the Broxtowe leisure centres. You can read some of these articles by clicking here.

BBC Leisure Centre User Questionnaire: (Copy and paste into a word document or email)

Topic 1 – What sort of sport and leisure facilities do we want for Broxtowe can they be met with the current facilities we have?

Q1 – What works well at the centre? What facilities do we want to retain?

Q2 – What don’t we have enough of? What should we be aiming for? What is missing from the sport and leisure offer?

Q3 – Please detail another venue that you know/have been to that we should aspire to. Is the venue, site and are the facilities suitable?

Topic 2 – What future needs does you or your organisation have and how can these be met within any future facility mix?

Q1 – What facilities do you use and how can they be improved?

Q2 – How can we create a facility and venue that encourages people who are not active to be active and lead more active and healthy lives?

Q3 – How can any future development complement other facilities and plans for Broxtowe and the surrounding areas?

Q4 – How can we ensure a financially sustainable facility that will continue to provide high quality services for Broxtowe residents?

Topic 3 – What other wider services are needed for Broxtowe and should be considered for any future community leisure hub?

Q1 – Are there any other Health, Education and other potential co-location facilities and needs for Broxtowe residents?

Q2 – Can we include complementary facilities and uses at any new facilities?

 Please provide any additional comments below:


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