Community Action Response – COVID19

A friend said there are two ways community can act in a crisis:

  1. The type of person who thinks of themselves and family but not of others around them. They will likely stockpile a garage full of toilet rolls, soap and pasta because they can. Clearly not Think of others, consider your actions and be kind.
Nottinghamshire Live
Letter from Sainsbury’s Chief Executive Mike Coupe:

You will have seen that, due to the ongoing uncertainty around the full impact of Coronavirus, supermarkets have been much busier than usual and customers are choosing to stock up.
I wanted to personally reassure you that we have more food and other essential items coming to us from manufacturers and into our warehouses and distribution centres. If we all shop just for the food that we and our families need, there will be enough for everyone.
I also wanted to let you know that at Sainsbury’s, we are working really hard to ensure this remains the case. Over the past two weeks we have:
– Ordered more stock of essential items from our suppliers – Put more capacity into our warehouses and – Set limits on a small number of items, including some cleaning products, soap and pain relief. This is a precautionary measure – if everyone shops normally, there will be enough for everyone.
There are gaps on shelves because of increased demand, but we have new stock arriving regularly and we’re doing our best to keep shelves stocked. Our store colleagues are working tirelessly and doing the best job they can.
Which brings me onto a request. Please think before you buy and only buy what you and your family need. If we all do this then we can make sure we have enough for everyone. And please help elderly and vulnerable friends, family and neighbours with their shopping if you can.
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and to thank our colleagues who are all working incredibly hard to ensure we can continue to serve our customers well.
The New York Times

2. People who want to help others around them as well as themselves and their family. We have seen many examples of this positive behaviour over the years. At the 2019 NottsWatch Conference we celebrated several community heroes when DCC Barber, Notts Police, gave out Active Citizen Awards. You can read more on our Blog (scroll down to June 2019).

It’s the latter kind of people that will help us all get through these concerning times.

The message above includes share accurate information and advice. NottsWatch have been doing just this over the last week via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and I have been retweeting to Bramcote Today Facebook and Twitter pages. If you don’t usually use social media, this may be a good time to consider setting up an account to follow accurate sources. There is no need to post anything personal, if you are uncomfortable with this.

Connect and reach out to your neighbours – whether within a formal structure such as neighbourhood watch or by just checking on your neighbours, particularly the elderly and those living alone. If someone is self isolating, maybe you can help by picking up a few groceries for them.

Support vulnerable or isolated people – As well as the health risk to the elderly, isolation is a very real concern. It is understandable they may wish to reduce contact with friends and family who are mixing with many at school. work etc. My husband is a trustee and befriender with a local voluntary service. He normally visits an elderly gentleman with a heart condition on a Monday but they have agreed that my husband will collect a few groceries, leave them by his door, then return home when they will chat on the phone.

Make the most of online groups

Twitter – invited those of us who help run online community groups either through Twitter or Facebook, to be responsible and use our networks for good and support those who will fall through the cracks should the situation deteriorate. He added, “Perhaps time to get together (online!) to discuss?”.

Taken from

We have set up a space on our Facebook Group where people can ask for help and support and people can offer to help and support others.

If you CLICK HERE it will take you to the post on the Facebook Group where you can ask for support or offer to help.

We set up Stapleford Community Group as a way of Bringing Unity to the Community and this is something we have always been good at doing, we know this community spirit will continue.

For those who don’t use Facebook we have set up a new group on Nextdoor.

You can access the Coronavirus Help & Support Group on Nextdoor by CLICKING HERE.

To conclude, Bramcote – let’s do community well. Stay calm, the shops are well stocke



    1. Bramcote already has a facebook group- bramcoteNG9 – folks in Bramcote are welcome to jjoin and to use it for bramcote related matters, including asking for or offering help at this increasingly difficult time


  1. Thank you Sue and Bramcote Today for this post. If everyone ‘looked out’ for a single vulnerable neighbour, offering to do some shopping for them, calling them on the phone and offering support this would be perhaps the most important practical step those more able could do for our Community at this difficult time. I repeat again let us ALL seek out just ONE person to offer help to lesson the crisis and fear amongst those staying at home and most at risk from contracting the virus.

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