Darren Henry MP welcomes funding from Budget 2020 to Beeston Station

Darren Henry MP for Broxtowe has welcomed news that that Beeston Station will receive funding for accessibility improvements.
This is a part of the Conservative Government’s Budget that was delivered earlier today by the Chancellor. Beeston Station is one of 12 stations across the country that will be benefitting from £50 million of upgrades. This is showing that this government is a People’s Government, delivering a Budget that gets things done.
These improvements are to create access to station entrances and platforms without any obstacles, making journeys for all passengers easier, especially those that might be disabled, with health conditions, or parents with pushchairs.
This comes after the announcement on 26 February by the Secretary of State for Transport, where 124 stations would receive £20 million of Access for All funding, and Beeston station was not included.
Commenting, Darren Henry MP said: “I am delighted to see Beeston Station’s accessibility needs being included in the Budget; it truly deserves these upgrades.  Since being elected, I have been lobbying both the Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps and Minister of State for Transport responsible for rail, Chris Heaton-Harris, writing letters and having meetings to ensure this happens. Working with the Friends of Beeston Station, I am glad to see this come to fruition, and I am sure they will be too.
I am committed to making sure that Broxtowe is championed and this is a success for Broxtowe. I look forward to working with Network Rail and the Department of Transport.”

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  1. Great News ! For the good of Beeston Station our MP , Darren Henry , has put himsellf on the line .


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