Replacement School at Bramcote Hills

Councillor Steve Carr writes: A brief report from Nottinghamshire County Council’s Budget Meeting.

Bramcote Hills School doesn’t appear on the list of academies either having a new school or replacement. I asked about this and the Chair of Young People’s Services ignored my question.

So what exactly is happening. The school will not be replaced by the new school year. What are we not being told?


  1. Councillor Carr ………. Thank you for this notification but you will appreciate that it just adds to the confusion for the parents and residents of Bramcote. The White Hills Park Federation Trust Newsletter in September 2019 (Issue 220) advised that the Trust had signed off on the designs of the new building that has been promised for some years (first notified to the public on 11 July 2014?). But the latest newsletter (Issue 240 – 28/2/20) doesn’t even mention anything about the new build, yet alone concerns that Nottingham County Council might have changed their policy about funding the scheme.

    You ask the question ‘what is happening’? I hope very much that you, as our elected county councillor, can provide an expeditious answer. The community deserves it, especially when the proposal is linked to the loss of local Green Belt, the development of up to 500 homes on the Coventry Lane/Moor Lane playing fields and the uncertain future of the Bramcote Leisure Centre.


      1. And I’d like to think that you would tell us. But cryptic responses to my genuine concern give me little encouragement.


  2. It the very long and distant past, Lib-Dem Councillors would keep us up to date with a weekly E-newsleeter on Bramcote Today. Obviously, over the past many years, they now take their voters for granted. Councillors should not be asking ‘Waht is Happening?’ They should be informing us, their Ward residents on what is happening.


  3. Steve, if only the Lib-Dems would tell us. You are part of the controlling group on the Borough Council, yet for the last few years feel it right not to inform and update the residents, as you used to, on this site.


  4. The message from the WHF of Schools Executive Head Paul Heery to the CAT meeting last Monday was that ‘negotiations with the County Council were at a delicate stage’.

    May I suggest we remain positive that the planned build will surely go ahead and the School in conjunction with the Council will be able to update very soon.


    1. Dear Martin,
      Of course! But it would be appreciated if our county and borough councillors saw this as a bipartisan matter and worked together in county and Council chambers to expedite the replacement.
      It is 8 years since the WHP chose to come out of county council control and 6 years since the replacement building was announced. It is 2+ years since the county changed tack over the land and financing of its building and just over a year to go before the opening of the new building.


  5. Thank you Paul, agree completely with your sentiments. Very frustrating for all concerned.
    Would just repeat that Paul Heery stated that negotiations were at a ‘delicate stage’ and am trusting that they will be concluded soon allowing an update to be offered by the School and County Council
    Quite sure too all our Councillors share the same objective to secure that new School build in Bramcote

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