Broxtowe Pledges To Support Terminally Ill Employees

Broxtowe Borough Council has strengthened its support for their employees as they sign up to offer additional protection for terminally ill employees.

On Thursday 20th February Broxtowe Borough Council signed the Trade Union Congress Dying to Work Charter. Signing the charter will provide further protection for its 482 employees, as they pledge to protect and support employees who are diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

The Council already champions the health and wellbeing of their employees, already having protections in place to support mental health, long term conditions, and many other health issues that can affect their employees.

Most people at some point throughout their working life will be diagnosed with a terminal illness, and so the Charter works to protect these employees to make what is already a stressful time more manageable. Employees can sometimes find that they can potentially face reduced income and loss of financial security, loss of stimulation and dignity and loss of Death in Service benefits, but Dying To Work helps support an employee if they wish to stay in employment whilst they are receiving treatment or making end of life plans, and allow them to live as normal working life as they wish.

Councillor Marie Hannah, Chair of the Personnel Committee commented,’’ We are proud to sign the Dying to Work Charter today as everyone deserves to have their employee rights protected, being diagnosed with a terminal illness is out of the employees control, and so they should not be penalised for this but protected and supported through what is already a difficult time. Broxtowe Borough Council believes that employee health is a top priority and hopes today shows the commitment we make to support our employees.’’

For more information about Dying to Work please visit

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