Green light for HS2

Councillor Kay Cutts MBE, Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council and Chair of HS2 Toton Delivery Board said:

“This is really positive news and a huge opportunity for the rest of the country from the Midlands upwards. This is a once in a generation opportunity and HS2 is instrumental in our plans for substantial regional growth in Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands, particularly through the new station at Toton. Phase 2b must not short change the East Midlands with downgraded lines.

“We will, alongside our partners, look to work with the review team to see what improvements can be made to the line through the East Midlands which will reduce costs. We have a wealth of evidence and information that will allow us to contribute to the review process in a meaningful way to allow us to get on with the job of delivering it.

“The region has comprehensively planned the route over many years and we are all supportive of the existing plan which works to ensure maximum impact on jobs, housing and the environment. We won’t accept a reduction in the East Midlands offer.

“By working together we’ve persuaded the Government to invest in areas of the country underinvested in for over 40 years.

 “We have always worked well across East Midlands and now we’re working with the West Midlands and the North. This powerful partnership will unlock the wealth of the country.

“HS2 will be a key driver for new developments in the East Midlands and will help to deliver on our vision of improved connectivity, building on our strengths, which include a wide range of manufacturing, technology, and high-value services, and provide more housing, jobs, and training.

“It will result in a major boost to the regional and local economy, bringing far reaching benefits that will impact positively on the lives of people across the East Midlands for generations to come.

“We have ambitious plans to attract significant investment into Toton, including a major station in a green country park, a garden village with attractive boulevards which will separate traffic from children. Homes and business that will bring new job opportunities with well paid jobs,communities reaping rewards for their ideas and talent.

“The new station which will be built at Toton comes with 200 hectares of development land, excellent infrastructure, an unrivalled location and access to talent, including from our two world-beating local universities, and presents unique opportunities for developers to invest.

“We are wholly committed to HS2, alongside all our partners, which include businesses, other local authorities, and universities. The scheme should go ahead as soon as possible – I would like an early delivery. I wish to thank all those involved in campaigning to make the Eastern Leg of HS2 a reality. This is a proud day for me and all of those who made the case for HS2 in our region.”

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