Darren Henry MP asked a Question during The Prime Minister Questions

Immediately after the Leader of the Opposition.

Quotation from Hansard Wednesday 5 February 2020.

Darren Henry MP

As MP for Broxtowe, I am absolutely delighted that funding is starting to flow to rebuild hospitals, such as the £5 million seed funding going to Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. Does the Prime Minister agree with me that this Conservative Government are committed to fulfilling their manifesto pledges and will deliver for the NHS?

The Prime Minister

I agree passionately with my hon. Friend and congratulate him on all he has done to campaign for the redevelopment of Queen’s Medical Centre and Nottingham City Hospital, and of course I am proud that that money is now flowing through to those wonderful projects.


  1. Putting questions to the PM praising the PM and the government should help ensure that Darren soon makes it into the Cabinet.


  2. “all he has done to campaign for the redevelopment of Queen’s Medical Centre and Nottingham City Hospital”

    Would be very interesting to know what this campaigning was, especially as none of them are in Broxtowe where he is now the MP.

    I am sure the City MPs and Councillors have done a lot of work, way before Darren was MP.


  3. Good News for the folk of Bramcote/Broxtowe, and the City and County of Nottingham.!

    Delighted following our new MP Darren Henry’s question at PMQ’s on Wednesday the Prime Minister. has underlined/committed the 5 million pounds feed funding for the redevelopment of our two fantastic Nottingham Hospitals the QMC and the CITY.


    1. Dear Martin , Boris committed to nothing . How can a real hospital be ” fantastic ” ? Is D.H. such a slave to ambition that he wil shackle himself to Boris’s coat-tails and be merely known as a leading sycofant ? Nick and Anna were people admired for their many qualities , and not known for a past of failure . Ian .


  4. Saddened there is no welcome from 4 correspondents of the positive news regarding the 5 Million Pounds redevelopment of our Hospitals announced/underlined by the Prime Minister at PMQ’s last Wednesday.


    1. Martin. Let’s get this into perspective. The hospitals get £5m but your party at County Hall are spending £28m refurbishing their offices!

      Just saying.


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