New Planning Application for Bramcote Hills Golf Course

A planning application has been made to Broxtowe Borough Council to construct a retirement and specialist care community on Bramcote Hills Golf Course. The application reference is 20/00058/REM. This follows the outline planning application 14/00677/OUT and is to construct a retirement and specialist care community comprising 38 x 2 bed bungalows, 44 assisted care units (1 and 2 bed) and 18 x 1 bed flats together with specialist care/ancillary communal facilities.

Details are not available yet on the Council’s website but no doubt will be published shortly.

Please take time to review the proposals when they are published and let Broxtowe Borough Council have your opinions.

The application can be found at



  1. Reminder:- The original outline planning application was rejected by Broxtowe Borough Council on the grounds that the land was ‘protected green space’.and should be maintained as such. The application was however approved on appeal by the Inspectorate as the Council at the time had not a 5 year land supply for development. Others objected on the grounds that a retirement complex on the top of a hill was far from ideal and there had been no discussion s with Health Authorities with regard to GP servicing the needs of Complex residents
    2/3 years on are these views still valid? May I suggest Bramcote Today Readers make their views known on this site to BBC and to our Neighbourhood Forum


  2. I would like to clarify for the avoidance of doubt, that this application is for consideration of the “Reserved Matters” only, specifically, the matters to be considered are the details of the internal site layout and scale, appearance(materials) and landscaping; all in accordance with the previously approval. The principle of development and the means of access of Deddington Lane including the overall use of the site and number of dwelling units is already approved and is not a matter for debate.


  3. Another bit of green open space disappears. Meanwhile, there are numerous brownfield sites which are less attractive to developers of course, but remain as eyesores.


    1. I agree with you, it’s very sad. I know we need more housing but there are many brown field sites that should be used first.
      Now the site has planning permission I doubt anyone (and there were some) who were considering purchase to keep the area undeveloped would be able to afford it.
      I am confused as to it’s current though, has it been purchased ?


  4. How would we find out if any discussions have been held about GP provision in the area? Most of the local practices are over subscribed and elderly residents with complex medical issues would require a certain level of GP provision.

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    1. Barbara , the sheer volume of activity at this development for a GP would be almost a full time job . Certainly the work load of 3 massive nursing homes.
      The PCNs , the primary care networks , have not got the capacity for existing work , let alone this addition.
      The rarest of all animals is the Urban GP and we will need to find and trap a few for this to be a viable project .
      A full report from the local PCN must be sought and published well in advance of development outlining the procedures agreed to provide care .
      More likely to see a flying pig over BHGC.


  5. Despite the many reservations expressed about the project the planning application due to come before the Planning Committee is for ‘reserved matters’ covering site layout and materials to be used. Meaning I believe in simple terms that the original Planning Application turned down by the Borough Council but subsequently approved/granted by the Inspectorate on appeal cannot be reversed.
    I do hope I am wrong as I share those concerns being expressed on B T and by many local residents who have expressed similar views to me personally. No doubt our current representatives will offer their thoughts/comments in due course.


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