Have Your Say On Where £25m Should Be Spent In Stapleford

Residents and businesses in Stapleford are being urged to have their say.

22/01/20 – Residents and businesses in Stapleford are being urged to have their say on what improvements they would like to see as part of the Government’s Towns Fund which will see up to £25m invested in the town. 

To have their say, respondents should visit https://www.broxtowe.gov.uk/staplefordtowndeal to complete the form with their suggestions and ideas on three main themes the Towns fund looks to address:

  1. Urban regeneration, planning and land use – This means ensuring Stapleford is a thriving place for people to live and work. Strengthening local economic and cultural assets. Exploring site and land acquisition to facilitate the regeneration of disused or ineffective space in the town.
  2. Skills and enterprise infrastructure – Driving private sector investment and ensuring towns have the space to support skills and small business development.
  3. Connectivity – Developing local transport schemes that complement regional and national networks, as well as supporting the delivery of improved digital connectivity.

The consultation is open from Wednesday 22nd January until Wednesday 12th February and suggestions will be fed back to the Executive Board who have been tasked with putting together a Town Investment Plan (TIP).

The Executive board will be supported by a Stakeholder Group, who will gather ideas to feed in to the Executive board, to support the production of the TIP.

What is a TIP?

A Town Investment Plan is a document which sets out investment priorities, based on suggestions submitted by the local community, which could drive longer term economic growth.

It is important to note that any projects and initiatives that are included within the TIP, which is to be submitted in the summer 2020, must not only fit with the three investment themes, but provide larger scale interventions that provide good value for money and leverage of both public and private sector resources – So no idea is too big!


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