The Future of Bramcote Leisure Centre

Paul Nathanail writes: Broxtowe Borough Council has appointed consultants to review leisure centre facilities in the borough.

Bramcote residents have made their strong wish to see the excellent, well used and profitable ‎leisure centre in Bramcote retained and eventually replaced.

Bramcote has had a lot of pain inflicted on it during the Broxtowe plan and it is time for some relief.

Residents are invited to make their views known at the following web address by clicking this link.

The Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum will‎ be taking residents views, the wording of the local plan and the reassurances of councillors that Bramcote’s leisure centre is safe to workshops with officers and the council’s consultants.

We would support other leisure centres in the borough alongside the one at Bramcote, but the loss of this facility in Bramcote would render any alternative as unsustainable development and contrary to both council and national planning policy.

Please take the time to respond to the survey above.

Paul Nathanail

Chair, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum


  1. Broxtowe Borough Council are about to embark on the production of a Leisure Strategy to inform development of sport and recreation provision and influence how future resources should be targeted.

    The focus of this strategy is very much on the future of the Council’s leisure centre sites and the most appropriate provision for the years ahead.

    There are some very exciting developments and changes happening in the Borough and sport and recreation facilities continue to be a central part of the overall regeneration of Broxtowe. Improving the facilities for sport and recreation and driving up levels of physical activity both play a key role in the Council’s aspiration to provide better services for our communities and residents.

    We would very much like to hear from you, sports clubs and community groups as to what the needs are for sport and leisure in Broxtowe. We would be grateful if you could complete this short survey and provide us with feedback on the current facilities, and what needs and demands your organisation has to be ensure the Council can plan for the future needs of our communities and partners in Broxtowe.

    This survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Please note that once started, you must complete the online version of the survey in the same session. You will be unable to save and return to the survey at a later date.

    If you have any questions about this survey please contact (Chris Laxton-Kane, Managing Director, Liberty Leisure Limited)

    Many thanks for your assistance with this exciting project and completing the survey.


    1. Richard,
      Change is inevitable but there is also value in continuity. One thing we know many don’t want to change is the location of the leisure centre in Bramcote.
      We are already facing the prospect of increased over congestion on the A52 and do not need to add to this…



    2. I’ve completed the survey but it only allows you to click one reason for using the centre – eg “swimming”. What about all those who use it more than once a week/month for different reasons. These results will under represent the actual use and be hugely skewed.


  2. So important as Paul writes for Bramcote residents and our Centre users to make their views known by completing the Survey.
    In our diverse Broxtowe Borough there will be competing views, including new potential sites making it imperative that Bramcote voices are heard to ensure that our much loved and used Centre is retained/enhanced/redeveloped in the Ward.
    Good too that a collective response and engagement from our Neighbourhood Forum is planned.


    1. Martin, you forgot to point out that the Bramcote leisure centre, embedded in the centre of the community, is also PROFITABLE.
      Something a council so starved of cash that it is imposing parking charges on car parks for the leisure centre and park visitors should clearly place a great deal of weight on.



  3. I am not sure how this very basic survey is able to contribute to strategic decision making. For example, respondents can only select one purpose for visiting a leisure centre; there is no age profiling; accessibility and access are ignored; more accurate usage data is already obtained by the centres themselves; spheres of influence vary according to the activity and their frequency of usage; and equal ‘weighting’ is given to both individuals and groups. I hope the survey is not a token consultation to support decisions that have already been made behind closed doors.


  4. Today, Thursday 23rd January, a single A4 notice appeared for the first time at Reception at Bramcote Leisure Centre inviting the public to attend one of three workshop sessions (4th February – 5th February) as part of the consultation to ensure strategic future provision of leisure centre facilities in Broxtowe. Those interested in attending are asked to email by Wednesday 29th January to book a place.

    Broxtowe BC have appointed a firm of consultants, Continuum Sport and Leisure based in London, at great expense (£30,000?) to produce a report to assist with strategic long term planning for the future. But residents are given just six days notice to book a place on a workshop as part of a fundamental data gathering exercise, yet alone plan their diaries to attend a session in 12 days time. This disregard for decent convention, together with the amateurish questionnaire previously alluded to in this thread, does not bode well.

    It would be good to hear from our local councillors, especially the Chair of the Leisure and Health Committee (Ian Tyler), as to what they think of the consultation process that they have initiated and, in particular, whether Bramcote residents should be concerned about losing their leisure centre.


    1. I had contacted their manager to ask they promote this consultation. I spoke to him this morning (I am a member) and he mentioned the workshops but I didn’t see, and wasn’t aware (and I don’t think the staff are either) of a poster. The cost, inevitably, appears to be the overriding concern.


      1. What cost Sue? The consultants are being paid at least £30,000 and the price of a poster (or using social media) is peanuts. It seems to me that Broxtowe BC are trying to sneak this under the radar. They haven’t even included the sessions in the weekly Broxtowe newsletter that residents subscribe to. It would have been so easy, democratic and transparent. Shenanigans!


      2. I meant the cost of the build – £25m and five years construction. That’s what I was told. I agree consultations appear to be a box ticking exercise. It is on Liberty Leisure’s Facebook page now though.


  5. Like Richard and Sue I too was very disappointed by the minimalist on line survey

    I have e-mailed Liberty Leisure’s Managing Director asking if the Bramcote consultation times can be extended into the evening to offer Bramcote residents and Centre users a greater opportunity to make their views known.

    My personal objective was/is the retention of a Leisure Centre in Bramcote. My successors on the Borough Council have also made that same commitment.

    To those who feel passionately as I do it is important if possible you attend the Consultation on the 4th February to underline to Liberty Leisure that promise made by Borough Ward Representatives both past and present.

    I would hope that the Consultants report will be made public and open to further public consultation upon its completion and before any decisions are implemented by the Council.


  6. Furthermore the engagement is about Bramcote yet the actual Bramcote workshop is being held during the day when many users are at work! Yet the other workshops (which no-one will attend as they are not local to us are in the evening) 🤷‍♀️


  7. In answer to Sue’s questions about costs, the council’s figures are £13.75M since the council already owns the land… I inadvertently posted this on the ‘what should Stapleford do with its windfall money.


  8. Understand the Consultations have been postponed. due to a ‘low response, to be rearranged ASAP


    1. How disappointing but hardly a surprise. A single sheet of A4 propped up at the ‘quiet end’ of the counter and facing away from customers entering Bramcote Leisure Centre is hardly going to garner much support. Undoubtedly there is great (and passionate) interest amongst residents about the future of our leisure centre so I hope the professionals that have been contracted by Broxtowe now realise that they must raise their game to mobilise a statistically significant community response.


  9. Richard – I was aware there was a poster from speaking to their manager and a comment against this post. I am a member and visit twice per week. This morning I made a point of looking for it and eventually found it. As you say, a single sheet by the stairs to the aerobics rooms. I couldn’t read it (many of the ladies of a similar age that go to classes need reading glasses!). I took a photo of it and now, with glasses, see the Bramcote session is a Tuesday afternoon (I work) whereas the Kimberly and Chilwell sessions are in the evening.
    It really isn’t good enough!


    1. Totally agree. I too pointed out the sessions at the actual location we are discussing are in the daytime when many users are unable to attend. Guessing that’s deliberate though?!

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