Darren Henry MP – Introduces Himself

I would like to introduce you to a part of my being your MP – a regular newsletter that details what I have been doing in both Westminster and Broxtowe, representing you. I hope you have had a wonderful festive season, with a Merry Christmas. Firstly, I would like to thank each and every one of my constituents for electing me on the 12th of December. It is an honour and a privilege to serve. After being elected, my first course of action was to hold my first surgery in Beeston Rylands, at the Beeston Lock on Saturday the 14th of December, as promised at the count! It was delightful meeting my new constituents, and learning more about what I can do to help. 
On Monday the 16th of December at 8am I walked into Parliament, on my first day as your MP. This not only involved exploring the Palace of Westminster, but meeting all of the new MPs, and speaking to the big boss, our Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This was followed by electing the new, impartial Speaker of the House, Sir Lindsay Hoyle the next day.    Still in Westminster on Wednesday, I was dutifully sworn in as Broxtowe’s new Member of Parliament, pledging my allegiance to Her Majesty, which you can watch here. I then saw her open Parliament the next day in the Queen’s speech, where our Government’s plans were outlined. We will leave the European Union, enshrine our pledge to the NHS in law, increase funding for schools – and much more as you can read about here.            

Friday the 20th of December was a momentous day for the nation as we voted to pass the Second Reading of the EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill, with 358 votes Aye to 234 votes No. Regardless of how you voted in the 2016 EU Referendum, the country and Broxtowe voted to Leave and it is important that we respect that, and respect democracy. I was proud to stand in the Aye lobby, and vote for the Bill. 

I was back home in Broxtowe on the weekend, spending some time shopping with my wife, Caroline in Beeston. We also managed to catch the second half of the game at Canalside where Nottingham Casuals RFC beat Lincoln 35 points to Nil! 
On Christmas Eve, I attended the Crib Service for children and families at St Mary’s Church in Greasley, and then celebrated Christmas joyously with the family – as I hope you did too.

I was then back with a constituent on the 27th, who had booked an appointment with me. Please do contact me or my office for any enquiries or appointments at darren.henry.mp@parliament.uk.

On Saturday not only did I pop into the Greasley Sports and Community Centre to chat to the instructors there, but also to the Micropub, Miners Return in Kimberley – another great dog friendly pub in Broxtowe, like the Horse and Groom at Moorgreen, Greasley where I spent my Sunday, after attending Service at Nuthall Methodist Church. Dog friendly pubs are very important to not just me, but our cairn terrier Poppy too! 

On the last Monday of not only the year, but the decade, I met Richard Hutchinson, the Chairman of Chetwynd: The Toton and Chilwell Neighbourhood Forum, to discuss the work that has been going on, as I promised during my election campaign.
I hope that you have rung in the New Year with happiness and are looking forward to what 2020 brings! It certainly is a happy time for me as not only do I celebrate my 21st anniversary of marriage to Caroline, but getting stuck in for Broxtowe. Which includes getting Brexit done, moving forward with all in our manifesto and the Queen’s speech, and representing you and Broxtowe to the best of my abilities. 

Serving Broxtowe,
Darren Henry


  1. You don’t know if Broxtowe constituency voted leave. The published result was for the local authority area which includes heavily leave Eastwood and Brinsley that are in Ashfield! That’s 15% of the area!


  2. Is this the same Steve Carr, the Lib-Dem Councillor? The Steve Carr who, on social media, wouldn’t publicly and solely endorse Anna Soubry, the candidate the Lib-Dems decided not to stand against. Instead encouraged voters to vote for Anna or Greg Marshall (Lab).

    You better get used to screaming because there has been a ‘peoples’ vote’ and Brexit is going to get done. Or do you want another vote, just to make sure?


    1. Yes it is! But your one sided version of events is a tad out of kilter. I don’t have to endorse anyone and my vote is private.

      We were obliged to stand down and given permission not to endorse or campaign for any candidate.

      I am beyond arguing about Brexit and have reached the stage where those mistakes we warned about will happen. We will be available in 2024 to pick up the pieces.


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