Inspector Simon Riley’s Blog: December 2019

So here it is, Merry Christmas….

And in the blink of an eye, another year has gone! Another year of challenges for all of my teams here at Broxtowe, but challenges they have risen to with aplomb. They have continued to perform beyond expectation, not just in traditional areas of policing like responding to calls from the public, reducing the number of victims of crime and arresting & bringing to justice those who do us the most harm, but also in other areas of demand which abstracts their services, such as policing the General Election build up, ensuring that all candidates were free to go about their campaigns safely and that the local electorate could vote freely. The majority of this work goes unseen by the public, but it has been significant and my thanks go to all who helped keep Broxtowe safe during this period. We are now into the Christmas policing period, which inevitably means many anti-social shifts in order that our town centres are policed during the party season and the exponential increase in people using the pubs and clubs in the area. Many of my officers won’t be spending Christmas at home with their loved ones because they will be at work keeping us safe. My most grateful thanks and admiration goes to all of those officers working over this period.

We have had a year of staff changes and new faces coming into Broxtowe and this is set to continue during 2020, as the additional funding from PCC Paddy Tipping in force and the Government for an extra 20,000 officers nationally starts to come to fruition. It will be a while before the full benefit of new and extra officers starts to take effect, but the additional funding means that we can go into 2020 with even more optimism than usual. Our challenges will always be there for us in Broxtowe, however and we will never become complacent around these – we will continue to work to our mission statement, working with partners and the communities we serve to make Broxtowe a safe, secure place to live, work and visit.

Drink Drive Campaign Reminder

A reminder to all that our Christmas Drink / Drive campaign is still running and will be until 1st January 2020. Don’t drink and drive is the message. Get a taxi, or a lift, or public transport where available, but don’t risk your licence, your life or the lives of your passengers and other road users. Drinking and driving kills and ruins thousands of lives.

Catalytic Converter thefts

Since my last blog, we have suffered more thefts of catalytic converters – predominanlty at the NET Park and Ride site on Toton Lane (next to the Japanese Water Gardens), but also in Beeston at Queens Road and you may have seen some local media regarding this. We have suffered a significant number of similar offences forcewide and this mirrors a trend both regionally and nationally. Sadly the ease with which criminals can remove your car’s catalytic converter makes this an attractive form of acquisitive crime, especially so since the price of the component arts of a catalytic converter provides for a good scrap metal price. Please be vigilant and report any suspscious activity you see in car parks via 101, or if a crime is in progresss, via 999.

Shop theft activity & targetted arrests

The run up to Christmas has seen the usual spike in shop thefts. Both teams at Eastwood and Beeston have been patrolling the town centres and retail parks to provide as much of a deterrent as possible to those who steal from our retail premises and who detract form the shopping experiences in the town centres. Whilst we have had some good successes, most notably Eastwood, we still need retailers to do more to help us to help them, however. So my plea is to consider what items you are placing where, within the curtelage of your stores, so as not to make it easy for any would be thief to walk in and help themselves

Warrant updates – drugs and firearms seized

We have continued to execute warrants at addresses across the borough during December, again with some notable successes. A large quantity of power tools were recovered from an address on 12/12/19 – enquiries are still ongoing to trace the owners of these items of equipment. In a seperate warrant in Stapleford last week, a firearm was recovered, with enquiries still ongoing into it’s legitimacy and ownership

Local Policing Priority updates

November updates around the Local Policing Priorities can be found on the website. December’s will go up at the end of this month and the next Local Policing Priority Setting meeting (LPPSM) will take place in mid January. To date, we are still seeing an overall reduction in burglary of peoples’ homes ( 38.6% reduction compared to this time last year (132 fewer offences) and in anti-social behaviour (3.3% reduction compared to this time last year (50 fewer incidents). Unfortunately, we were unable to carry out a planned off road enforcement operation last weekend with the force off-road team due to some mechanical issues, but plans are in place to bring the team back into Broxtowe in the next few weeks. Sadly, as has been mentioned in my blog before, the force team is a finite resource and we have to share their deployments with all of the other areas in the force affected by off-road motorcycling. It is obviously disappointing that we were unable to use them on one of our ‘booked’ weekends, but we will be getting them back just as soon as we can.

Steph Returns!

We were all really pleased to welcome PCSO Steph Archer back to the Broxtowe South team this month. Steph, as you may remember, went on maternity leave last November and she has been missed by us all. But now she’s back, which is a huge boost to both the team locally and the community in Stapleford.

And finally…

In closing, I would just like to take this opportunity to wish all of our communities and my partners across Broxtowe, a very Merry Christmas and a happy, safe and prosperous new year. I sincerely hope you all have a fabulous holiday period and enjoy the festivities with your families and friends.  Please read the attached advice guide on staying safe at parties during a time when I’m certain the odd drink or two will be imbibed.

To my colleagues and our friends and partners in the other emergency services, tasked with keeping us all safe over the festive period, please stay safe and I hope you all manage to enjoy at least some time with your nearest and dearest.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and peace & goodwill to all.



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