Broxtowe’s Election results and a goodbye Message from Anna Soubry

Full results for all candidates above

On behalf of Bramcote Today I would like to congratulate Darren Henry on becoming Broxtowe’s MP and I would like to wish Anna Soubry well for wherever her future takes her.

Politics (and Brexit!) aside, I believe that Anna has served Broxtowe well with constituency issues for the last nine years. Darren has big shoes (hypothetically speaking!) to fill. but I do hope that he rises to the challenge.

Anna’s final message:

Hello again, As you probably know Broxtowe has a new MP. Congratulations to Darren Henry, the Conservative Party candidate on his election in the early hours of the morning. Darren beat the Labour candidate with a comfortable majority and given the national result looks set to be Broxtowe’s MP for the next five years.

I came third and congratulations to the Green Party candidate Kat Boettge on her result.

It has been a pleasure to serve you as your MP for the last nine years and thank you (if you have!) for your support. 

I want to thank my team; many MPs take the credit, but the truth is we rely heavily on our staff and I was no exception. My wonderful team is young (certainly in my terms!) and some of them have been with me for many years. They will all lose their jobs but I have no doubt they will swiftly be employed as they are hugely talented. I’m particularly grateful to Sean Coley and Andrew Basile, who have worked with me the longest, and I publicly thank them on your behalf and mine. Many thanks also to Susannah LLoyd (an outstanding case worker), Emily Horner in the Parliamentary office and our part time assistant, Mary Traynor.

We will take a few weeks closing down the constituency office in Beeston and making sure all case work is properly handed over to Darren Henry. Please bear with him because as I know, it takes time for a new MP to get your office up and running. If you need to, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 

Finally, a huge thank you to those who worked so hard to get me re-elected in recent weeks, sometimes in the most adverse of weather. And if you did, thank you for voting for me. 

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
As ever, Anna
Anna’s Over and Out update above
Taken from the BBC website


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  1. I would personally like to thank Anna Soubry and all her staff who over the last 9 years have helped me lots with many issues in Stapleford as her time as MP for Broxtowe. For taking me to Downing Street, showing myself, my wife and daughter around Parliament and always being polite and kind to my family. I will miss your continued help and support and I wish you the best. Thank you.


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