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Thoughts after 12 hours on the doorstep

To declare an interest up front – older readers may remember me as Broxtowe’s Labour MP 1997-2010. I’ve taken the week off from work to help Greg Marshall and spent 12 hours on the doorstep over the weekend; I talked to around 400 people, many of whom I know. Rather than just write propaganda, I’d like to try to write some objective thoughts before a personal conclusion.

First, an awful lots of people are very uneasy about the situation. A great many don’t like any of the national leaders and feel the political temperature is far too fevered. Some intend not to vote at all, and “leave it to everyone else sort out”, as one put it. That seems to me a pity, for the usual reason – people died to give you a vote, and if you decide not to bother, you waive the right to complain about whatever happens next.

Second, it’s quite clearly come down to a two-horse race between Darren Henry and Greg Marshall. I’m not someone who readily talks about wasted votes, since every vote should be respected as a statement, but if you vote for Anna Soubry, or Kat Boettge (Green), or the three other minor candidates, you are signalling a preference but opting out of the decision on who should represent you. None of them are in my opinion going to get more than 5%, and most will get less than 1%.

Third, there is really too little focus on the fact that we’re electing a five-year Parliament. We are so used to repeated votes in recent years that it’s being forgotten. Most people who I talk to are not only concerned about Brexit – everything for the NHS to housing to school to the climate crisis needs urgent attention, and the choice you make on Thursday will decide whether they get it.

So some frankly partisan conclusions. In this election, you are explicitly being asked by Boris Johnson to give him a five-year mandate for a manifesto which is emptier than any that I can remember. If you trust Mr Johnson and a Conservative Party quite systematically purged of all its moderates from Ken Clarke to John Major, and are happy to give them a blank cheque, you’ll be comfortable with that. Specifically, Broxtowe will be represented by a Conservative on the hard anti-European right for the first time in living memory.

Greg Marshall is very much the type of MP I tried to be – idealistic, progressive, locally-rooted and open to reasonable argument. Broxtowe’s decision is unlikely to decide the national outcome, but it will help decide whether Parliament has another voice for moderation and compromise. I think that Britain has quite enough extreme voices in Parliament. I hope you will decide to support Greg.



  1. Checking up on those very partisan figures, and looking up the polling and data from “InYourArea”, I see the figures as listed below.

    In short, we seem to have a neck-and-neck race between Greg (Labour) and Anna (Independent Group for Change) with Anna a wafer thin lead of 0.8%.

    My own partisan observation is to vote for Anna for someone who is experienced and hard working and who looks to be trying to work towards the best good for our area and our country.

    The biggest swing is to be gained from enthusing the nearly 25% that are too disillusioned to vote!

    May the best candidate win from everyone’s vote…


    From: https://www.inyourarea.co.uk/feed/NG94FH/Chilwell,Bramcote,Beeston,Bramcote%20Hills,Attenborough,Toton,Rylands,Lenton%20Abbey,Stapleford,Wollaton,Sandiacre,Long%20Eaton,Barton%20in%20Fabis,Trowell%20Moor/area-stats

    General Election 2019

    Broxtowe General Election 2019

    2019 Candidates:

    Anna Soubry, The Independent Group for Change
    Darren Henry, Conservative
    Greg Marshall, Labour
    Kat Boettge, Green
    David Bishop, Militant Elvis
    Amy Dalla Mura, English Democrats
    Teck Khong, Independent

    Fighting to win:[*]

    Independent Group for Change currently hold the seat (Anna Soubry)

    Labour need a 0.8% swing to win

    Liberal Democrats need a 21.4% swing to win

    * Calculations are based on results in the most recent election, so may not reflect the candidates standing in this election.

    2017 Results
    Anna Soubry, Conservatives – 25,983
    Greg Marshall, Labour – 25,120
    Tim Hallam, Liberal Democrats – 2,247
    Did not vote – 18,385

    2017 Turnout – 55,508 (75.2%)


  2. A vote for anyone other than DARREN HENRY the CONSERVATIVE Candidate risks an extreme State controlling Socialist Government led by Jeremy Corbin.
    A Security Risk so says his Health Minister. a Hamas, and IRA supporter and some say anti Semitic.
    Broxtowe’s Labour Candidate is a disciple of Corbin and McDonald

    Broxtowe must NOT risk this possibility by voting Independent, Green or Labour.

    The alternative is a Boris Johnson Government with his excellent Team of Ministers . Tomorrow a vote for Darren Henry and a Conservative majority will enable Brexit to be done by the 31st January so allowing the Government to ‘get on’ with the Countries priorities of more money and resources for the NHS, including a new Hospital for Nottingham, and 50,000 more Nurses,. 20,000 more Police Officers,. longer prison sentences for the most violent offenders. An uplift of School funding to £5000/£4000 per Secondary/Junior School pupil. Sensible Immigration control, and above all sound economic management bringing that important growth resulting in a high wage low tax economy

    You know it makes sense



    1. A vote for anyone other than DARREN HENRY the CONSERVATIVE Candidate risks an extreme State controlling Socialist Government led by Jeremy Corbin.

      If you are pushing that description and that argument, then why has Darren (a complete unknown and new face) been pushed to push against Anna regardless of Anna having held the present position successfully positively working for our area?

      Note that you lost her from the Conservative Party. However, even though she is no longer following the ‘central instructions’ of a party, you risk diverting the voting to possibly allow Labour to win by ‘default’…

      Strange political moves and motives if your only push is a negative push of ‘fear’ to keep certain party candidates out.

      Far better is to state the positives of what candidates have already done and what they can do further and how they are experienced with the treacherous politics to still make things work.


      1. Nothing could be more positive than the Conservative message I have outlined.

        Certainly like millions of people in this Country a Corbyn led Government is FEARED and must be resisted tomorrow. at the ballot box

        The only sure way to avoid such a catastrophe is to VOTE CONSERVATIVE


    2. We now have a Prime Minister who has shown contempt for the Rule of Law; contempt for Parliament; contempt for the Sovereign, and above all a contempt for the truth. Those of us who value our civilised democracy now fear a nation sleep-walking into fascism through more lies, dissimulation, deception and dirty tricks. Donald Trump must be rubbing his hands together in glee to see a mini version of himself at the helm of what is undoubtedly the last gasp of a United Kingdom as it heads towards an inevitable break-up as well as years of trying to secure trade deals that were the envy of the world until the Tory Party pretended that Europe was our enemy rather thna our friend. All of the former senior politicians of all persuasions warned us against this charade and it’s a small consolation to be able to say, “We told you so”.

      Dr Allan Dodds

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      1. But the alternative was Corbyn, the country was faced simply with choosing the least worse party/prime minister.


  3. For the 25% of voters who are disillusioned or otherwise… Your voting counts greatly.

    Now is the day to vote, or to at least make some mark to say one or none of the candidates…

    May the best candidate win!



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