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Hello again,

Having spoken to many voters this weekend it’s clear people are still making up their minds, though many have pledged to vote for me on Thursday.

Friday’s hustings in Beeston have also hit the news because they revealed the true political character of both the Conservative and Labour candidates.

At the hustings in Beeston (clips are widely available on Facebook and Twitter), the Conservative candidate suggested people were using food banks because they didn’t know how to manage their budgets and some advice would reduce the need.

His comments were crass, lacked compassion and revealed he is clueless about important key topics. People use food banks because they don’t have enough money to buy the food and other essentials they and their family need. We have two food banks in Stapleford and one in Beeston and they already work with other agencies to provide an essential support to people – including benefit and debt advice. 

A growing number of loyal lifetime Conservatives have reached the conclusion that their candidate is just not up to being an MP. They are instead pledging to vote for me on Thursday as a genuine alternative and I’m grateful for their support. 

The Conservative Party has shifted to the right, expelling moderate decent Tories like Ken Clarke who is backing me. In Broxtowe, as Conservatives see the failings of their candidate, they can vote for me knowing they will not be handing the keys to No. 10 to Jeremy Corbyn but will be electing a centre ground MP who has worked hard for everyone in Broxtowe. 

When I spoke about the rise of anti-semitism in the Labour Party during Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure, I was shouted down by the candidate’s supporters in the audience (you can watch the moment here) Labour’s candidate in Broxtowe is a longstanding member of the old hard left and a huge fan of Jeremy Corbyn. He has some thoroughly unpleasant supporters who seek to deny the anti-semitism that blights the party. Labour’s candidate has their support because he is one of them. This is why some moderate, decent Labour party members and supporters left the hustings. One said to me afterwards, “this is not my Labour Party” – but it is because it has been hijacked by the extreme left. A vote for the Labour candidate in Broxtowe is a vote for Jeremy Corbyn and I am the only genuine alternative to stop a Johnson majority.  I beat Corbyn’s candidate last time and, with your support, I can beat him again. 

I am the only candidate who can see off the extremes that have gripped the Labour and Conservative Party; I have cross party support to unite people across Broxtowe and I will continue to work hard for everyone. Tactical voting sites like Best for Britain and People’s Vote are urging people to vote for me. 

I hope you will support me on Thursday and if you haven’t already, please use your Postal Vote to vote for me.
As ever,

3 great reasons to #VoteSoubry 

1. I will continue to work hard for everyone in Broxtowe, as I have done for the last 9 years as your MP.

2. I will continue to stand up to the abuse and threats from the extremists who are poisoning our politics, further dividing our country and destroying British values of tolerance and compassion.

3. I have the support of people of all political persuasions who recognise the work I have done as your MP and the need to have strong, principled and  moderate politicians in Parliament. I will continue to represent all my constituents and be your voice in Parliament. 

The Lib Dems have stood aside for me in Broxtowe and former Parliamentary Candidate Stan Heptinstall MBE has proposed me; Stan was a long serving Lib Dem Councillor in Bramcote and Stapleford and was Mayor of Broxtowe. My friend Ken Clarke has also declared his support kindly saying he has “always been a huge admirer of her efforts as the MP representing Broxtowe… I will be delighted if she is returned to the next Parliament.”  I am touched and honoured to have their support. 


Precious Aidoo has always voted Labour and she is one of a number of life long Labour voters who have pledged their support along with Leave supporter Harry Fitch from Stapleford. 





Yvette Lamb is a Labour voter who has pledged her support and I am seconded by former Green voter Sarah Harker from Awsworth. 







I am so pleased Simon Tonks, former Chair of Broxtowe Conservatives, has pledged me his support. Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff, who has previously voted Labour, is now voting for me in this General Election. You can read more about all those who have endorsed me here




I am a founding member of The Independent Group for Change. We are a group of former Labour and Conservative MPs who believe in moderate, centrist politics based on the traditions of social democratic Labour and One Nation Conservatives. We have prepared a document setting out our values, principles and core policies in the General Election. You can read it here.


Here to help 

The constituency office remains open to help as much as is possible with new and existing case work. Please call on 0115 943 6507.



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  1. There are actually three Foodbanks in Stapleford.

    The Church at Montrose Court.
    The Haven Centre.
    Broxtowe Youth Homelessness (16 to 25).

    There is also the #StaplefordFoodProject which is ran by Stapleford Community Group and we have just passed 35,000 equivalent meals worth of surplus food donations which we have now handed out. This is available to collect from various locations and also delivered to those who are unable to collect. For more details keep an eye on our Facebook group.


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