A Crossing decision!

Just to update that today Nottinghamshire County Council have agreed to site the Pedestrian Crossing on Hickings Lane by the entrance to the shops, hopefully it will mean that the near by residents can support the local businesses across the road a bit safer now.  

As much as I would have preferred the location where I had originally requested it and where the wider community also wanted it to be installed which was between Ewe Lamb Lane and Washington Drive at least there is a crossing on the road. The Pedestrian Crossing was something I had requested as part of the section 106 agreements when the original application was submitted for the near by development.  If I had not made the initial request there wouldn’t be a crossing in the road at all.  

Councillor Richard MacRae 

Stapleford North Ward 

Stapleford Town Council 

Broxtowe Borough Council 

0774 034 4427



  1. Accident waiting to happen, those who made thus decision had better be prepared to be held accountable when someone gets hurt!

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  2. The crossing was paid for by McCarthy & Stone for the benefit of the residents of Carpenter Court who have had to wait more than three years for this result. Some of the delay was caused by the protests of this councillor who wanted the crossing in a place of his choosing. Such a pity that he couldn’t support ALL the residents in his ward.


    1. Sadly you have been given the wrong information by a certain Councillor who has been talking to you.

      It was me alone who requested the crossing as part of the section 106 agreement before the development was event built. The original agreement stated that the crossing must be in place before anyone moved into the development. This didn’t happen.

      I was never invited to meet and talk with the residents once they moved in and when I requested to come along and listen to the views of the residents I was not allowed, yet a former Bramcote Councillor was allowed to meet the residents. I am also aware a former Ward Councillor met with residents and again I was never invited.

      I can hardly be blamed for not listening to the residents when I was denied the opportunity on more than one occasion.

      When I requested the crossing I actually said it would benefit the residents once they moved in as it would allow safer crossing to the 18 bus stop, the only bus stop that goes to Stapleford then Beeston then Nottingham an back is located the other side of the road. I also said it would mean they could cross safely to attend the New Stapleford Community Centre and also access the shops and church at Montrose Court. I also said it would allow a safe place for the many children to cross to got to Wadsworth Fields Primary School and also people going from the estate up to the Hickings Lane Medical Centre.

      As anyone who knows me knows I always listen to the people I represent, which is hard to do when it given and denied the opportunity to do so. Also when I requested the crossing Carpenters Court didn’t exist so I could only speak to the people who already live in Stapleford.

      I just find it very sad and very disappointing to hear from residents who live in Carpenters Court the lies they have been told about me by other Councillors in the area.

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    2. I would like to also include a link to the section 106 agreement which can be used to fact check what I have said regards the crossing being installed before anyone moves into the development and it clearly says the preferred location was originally between Ewe Lamb Lane and Washington Drive. This was signed and agreed by all involved. Then at a later stage the location was changed by the previous administration at Broxtowe Borough Council.

      Click to access C5CD8FAFC12011E696442C4138A943DF.pdf


  3. Such a shame we have asked for a crossing for years and then you get a NEW house and expect special treatment above us that have lived here for years!

    Please explain to me why you think you deserve a crossing more than everyone else in the surrounding area ?

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    1. The granting of the planning permission can be a lever to achieve a ‘planning benefit’ (through the 106 Agreement referred to by Councillor MacRae) which is paid for by the developer of the new flats, McCarthy & Stone. It’s an economic reality that if this crossing was to be funded solely by the county council as the highway authority, out of our council taxes, we would have had to wait forever. Just be grateful that it’s going to be installed at last, regardless of its exact location. It will be a benefit to wider area of residents by providing a safer means of crossing this busy road in the vicinity of the new supermarket. And well done Councillor Macrae.

      DaveBosworth – I cannot agree with you when you say this ‘is an accident waiting to happen’. The installation of the crossing has got to be an improvement for pedestrian safety here. Potentially it will also help slow down vehicles on their way to/from the mini-roundabouts.


  4. If only your councillor had tried harder to get you the crossing you wanted so much years ago. He didn’t succeed. He may have suggested the 106 but only succeeded because residents paid for the crossing as they bought into this NEW house. More than two years later after most residents had moved in (planning had changed to allow this) the council then agreed that the siting should be changed to facilitate safer crossing of Hickings Lane for all of us. Sadly, the councillor continued to try to get his preferred location, resulting in further delays, despite knowing the preferences of those who paid for it. Is it surprising that he is not welcome at Carpenter Court?


    1. I know you don’t speak for ALL the residents of Carpenters Court and it is sad that Councillor John Longdon and Councillor Jan Goold have been in spreading untruths about me and what I do as I have been told this by residents who live there. I have had many conversations with many residents in there, many attend the bus trips I organise and they tell me how much they enjoy them.

      You mention “he didn’t succeed” in getting a crossing in the past, not sure where that comes from as I never tried before as there was never the opportunity to apply for section 106 from a local development in that area whilst I have been a Councillor. Now i do see the two County Councillors support the location recently agreed as did the former chair of Community Safety at Broxtowe Borough Council but I wonder have you asked them why they didn’t apply for a crossing at this location in the first place, the County Council being the Highways Authority it would have been something either of them could have requested, but they didn’t and they could have done. Also as former Chair of Community Safety Councillor Jan Goold always supported the the location originally requested by myself and it was only just before the last election she decided to change her mind ignoring the wishes of the wider Community.


      1. You are so quick to castigate others but YOU never tried to get funding from the councils to get a crossing for all the residents in your ward. However, you saw an opportunity to get the residents of Carpenter Court to pay for one and have it sited to suit you. If the crossing had been in place before the Court was built we would have had to accept its position. But it was delayed and I don’t believe you, as a councillor, tried too hard to get it done – apart from a blow up crossing which got your picture in the paper! Indirectly, each apartment paid over eight hundred pounds for the crossing and, in the light of a three year delay partly caused by you, I think we deserve to have it positioned where it will be of most use to us.


    2. I find your animosity to Cllr Macrae and your negativity very disturbing. He is an excellent councillor who has been doing his best for the area you now live in well before you chose to live here. He is not the County Councillor for the area who are responsible for Highways.


  5. Just why has Bramcote’s Community site been chosen, I wonder, as a platform to announce this ? Not a mention of this at all on the Stapleford Community Group.org site. I wonder why if it was such a key issue for the Councillors ‘community’. More likely just making use of this site for yet another opportunity to denigrate, on a wider platform, other hardworking local Councillors – who I admire greatly for not rising to the bait. I hope site admin takes note and responds accordingly in future to this sort of behaviour. Although to be honest I’m sure the rantings have completely the opposite effect to those desired or envisaged amongst the bulk of those with any modicum of common sense that read the Bramcote site ! They see it exactly for what it is.

    If any one had actually read the County Council reports and opinion during the various planning hearings they would know that a pedestrian crossing is not currently justified in this area, funded by the County Council, as the County Councils transport /pedestrian volume criteria / triggers are not met. Thats just the way it is… many other areas have worse traffic conditions that take precedence for scare resources. Thats why, for instance, a crossing isn’t in place at any point along Hickings Lane, even at the junction of Hickings Lane / Ryecroft Street, where school children now cross the road with the assistance of a lollipop lady. I’m sure a particular Councillor is well aware of this already !

    I’m sure the Councillor is also well aware that the provision of infrastructure under a section 106 agreement, in this case a pedestrian crossing, absolutely ties the ‘provision’ to the ‘need’ introduced by the Carpenter Court development. Under planning law, the provision must be seen to serve the needs introduced by the new development (Carpenter Court). If it also serves the wider community, then all well and good, but first and foremost, and more importantly from a legal perspective, it has to serve the needs of the Carpenter Court residents. The residents have expressed their overwhelming desire for the crossing to be located to the North of Hickings Lane and that’s where it is going.

    The issue has been also been subject to long and extended consultations with the public by Broxtowe Borough Council and latterly by Nottinghamshire County Council. And taking that into account , together with the demands of planning law, the Chief Planning Officer of Broxtowe Borough Council recommended the Broxtowe Planning Committee agree the location adjacent to the Co-Op. Thats why Nottinghamshire County Council Transport Committee also recommended agreement of the location. And presumably thats why the Stapleford Town Council raised no objection and collectively agreed to the provision of the crossing adjacent to the Co-Op.


    1. Thank you David Paul for your erudite comment. I just need to say a little about your last sentence. The Stapleford Town Council meeting on September 6th attended by residents of Carpenter Court was when the agreement was made but it was not without objection. The whole meeting destroyed any little confidence we had in our Town Council; in fact it left a feeling that it was not fit for purpose. The lack of control which allowed the lengthy rantings and arm waving by Councillor Macrae, the abuse of Councillor Goold by Mrs Macrae and the interference in the meeting of a man who entered late and was allowed to wander round the table and talk to several councillors was unbelievable. I would advise you to watch the first hour of the proceedings on You Tube. that is ,of course, unless Councillor Macrae who makes the videos has not removed it.


      1. The link to the video you mention has always been available for all the watch and here is the link, https://youtu.be/dmAYLGuSVWQ not sure why you think it would not be available. At no point was Councillor Jan Goold abused as you so wrongly claim by myself or anyone else, it was you who was rude and abusive and this is clearly heard in the video footage. I wouldn’t expect an apology for your wrongful claim though. You also mention someone walking around the table, that was Councillor Jan Goold again this can be clearly seen by watching the video, it was also Councillor Jan Goold who was rudely interrupting another resident who was speaking. This is one of the reasons it is important to film meetings as they can be watched afterwards and by those who didn’t attend. At no point in the meeting does my husband wave his arms about or have lengthy rantings. Maybe you could watch the footage again. But just like Richard has said I will also have to agree to disagree as you are clearly a person who will keep commenting until you have had the last say. My husband is an excellent Councillor and puts 100% into his work as a Councillor.


  6. We will have to agree to disagree on this and as far as I am aware the issue is now resolved and it has all finally been agreed by the Council the other day.

    I still find it very sad that the already mentioned Councillors have told untruths about me and the fact I was always denied the opportunity to attend the meetings despite asking if I could attend to meet and listen to what was talked about at the court and the poor behaviour of Councillor Jan Goold at the meeting of Stapleford Town Council. As I have always said I expressed the concerns, wants and needs of the residents who I spoke to as anyone who knows me knows I always listen to all I speak to. It’s just a sad shame that that opportunity was denied when I requested speaking to others who had just moved into the area.
    The delays were caused by the past administration at Broxtowe Borough Council and no one else.


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