Tonight’s Hustings cancelled

Unfortunately the Hustings Planned to take place at The Haven Centre in Stapleford on Saturday evening have now been cancelled and will not be taking place. 

However there will be a Hustings taking place at 7pm on Tuesday 3rd December and this can be watched via live streaming on the Stapleford Community Group Page on Facebook. 

During the live stream which starts at 7pm questions can be submitted via comments on the page.  

This is all we have to say on the matter and we will not be responding to individual questions.

The decision was taken by Stapleford Community Group as the organisers of the Hustings.  

Many thanks  

Donna MacRae 




  1. Thank you to Richard MacRae and the Stapleford Community Group for organising the Stapleford Hustings.

    The event was promoted on B T and the Community site a number of weeks ago and many electors have it in their diaries and were looking forward to the evening.

    To be advised just two days before is very disappointing, and therefore Richard an explanation for its cancellation is I believe more than warranted from yourself to those who had planned to attend and indeed ALL the Candidates. (to my knowledge at least one was not given any reason.) To say there will not be a response to individual questions begs again the reasoning for the cancellation to be questioned.

    Confusion too over the revised event next Tuesday. The B T post does not make it clear the VENUE, the Community post also indicates that the Hustings are for ‘Broxtowe Borough Council Candidates ‘rather than for the upcoming Broxtowe Constituency General Election. (sure this must be a genuine mistake?)

    The proposed Tuesday ‘Streaming Event’ I assume is before a live audience of voters and they too I hope will be able to ask questions? Again the B T post and the Community Group site do not make this clear.

    I look forward to your response Richard.

    Good wishes,



    1. Really disappointing, especially to find out only a couple of hours before the start time, no reason given and after having changed travel plans in order to be here for the hustings. Given that this is a bellweather seat, I would have thought it was imperative for ordinary voters to hear what the candidates have to say in response to local people away from the onslaught of mainstream and alternative media.


  2. Received a number of calls today expressing similar views of disappointment at the very short notice of cancellation and the uncertainty surrounding the ‘streaming’ event on Tuesday. Venue, live audience able to ask questions etc??

    Unusually for Richard MacRae who claims to ‘respond with an hour’ B T readers are still awaiting his reply to my questions

    Why Richard are you so silent? Is there a dubious reason for the cancellation of the Hustings that you are unwilling to share?

    Knowing you well I cannot believe this to be the case. If I am right a quick open and frank response by answering the points I have raised will close down the speculation


  3. There will be a Hustings on Friday December 6th at 7.30pm at St John’s Church (Beeston Parish Church) Beeston


  4. Please find a link to the live stream of the Hustings which we filmed last week. Over 8 thousand people have watched the live stream.

    We have uploaded it to YouTube incase anyone else would like to watch it.


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