A52 Bramcote Roundabout to Priory Roundabout Safety Scheme

I am writing to let you know that we will be carrying out safety improvement works on the A52 Eastbound and Westbound between the Bramcote and Priory roundabouts.

During our scheme of work, we will install six average speed safety camera masts within the central reservation. These will be fitted with 24 cameras along with new safety signs, control cabinets, electrical cables and associated ducting.

Once our work is completed, all road users and pedestrians will benefit from improved road safety.

When will the works take place?

Work is due to start in February 2020 and is scheduled for completion by March 2020.

To keep our programme for these works as short as possible and to minimise disruption to the local community, residents, businesses and road users, we will work between 8pm and 6amMonday to Saturday.

Please note that all our planned roadworks may be subject to change due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

How will the work affect traffic?

For the safety of our workforce and motorists, we need to use a mixture of lane and carriageway closures while we work. During full road closures we will put in place fully signed diversion routes which will be agreed with the Local Authority.

All carriageways will remain open throughout the daytime.

How will the work affect businesses and residents?

We will make sure that access to businesses and residences is maintained wherever possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will do our very best to complete the work as quickly as possible, keeping disturbances and noise to a minimum.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this work, please contact our Public Liaison Officer, Irene Plant, as follows:

Your faithfully,

Simon Wagstaff CEng MCIHT CMgr MCMI

Project Manager

Highways England


  1. That’s brilliant news!

    The culmination of the campaign led by the late Tony Smith of Bramcote and the 1600 signature petition collected by Tony, myself and Steve nearly two years ago.
    A long time coming but prayerfully will once completed make this stretch of the A52 much safer and save lives.


  2. I’m still not happy that the cameras being installed will concentrate purely on speed. Poor and reckless driving within and in excess of the posted limit is the major cause of accidents on Britains roads, not just speed. I doubt very much if the photos of the offenders will be checked to ensure that they are insured and have valid MOT and the appropriate action taken if they do not.
    I’m sure that for quite a while people driving within the 40mph limit will be subject to sudden (panic) braking by drivers of vehicles ahead of them just to make sure that they aren’t exceeding the limit.
    Is it known if they are going to be “instantaneous” or average speed cameras?


  3. Ian, if you read the notice you’ll read “we will install six average speed safety camera masts within the central reservation.” Therefore as long as drivers understand how averages work the need or desire to suddenly break is near pointless!

    You are also questioning how the law of speeding is enforced and if the authorities perform checks on MOT / VED & Insurance – this is a question not just for the installation of speed cameras on this road, I’d suggest you carry out some more informed research into this to help answer your question here could be a good start https://www.gov.uk/speeding-penalties


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