A little video for the December election

Nick Palmer endorsing Broxtowe’s Labour Candidate, Greg Marshall

Nick Palmer was Broxtowe’s member of Parliament from 1997 until 2010, when he lost his seat to Anna Soubry. Nick reminds us, “Broxtowe is one of around 50 seats in Britain where the decision will make a difference.”

Nick is taking leave from his work as Head of the UK arm of the animal welfare charity to work full time on Greg’s campaign. Nick said, “I just feel he’s my sort of MP (constructive and left-wing in a sensible way), with more local roots than I ever had – but also I think we have to prevent a Tory landslide, as it’s really unpredictable what they would do our society if they got it. As always there are alternatives, but it’s fairly clear that it will come down to yet another Conservative/Labour nail-biter. The fact that the Conservative candidate is entirely new to the constituency while Greg has lived in it all his life is also something to consider.”

Click on the video to hear Nick’s short message.


  1. I sincerely hope that the other candidates take the same opportunity to promote themselves and their politics as voters deserve to hear alternatives to this left wing view which is as dangerous to our society as extreme right wing views.


    1. The Momentum-Labour party is as far to the left as the BNP are to the right.
      If Corbyn enters Downing Street, the consequences for all of us will be catastrophic.


      1. Catastrophic? I wonder how you would describe the effect of the Conservative (-led) governments we have had since 2010: ideologically-driven austerity, swingeing cuts to public services, political stagnation, three PMs in three years, Windrush scandal, to name but a few ‘issues’ without even mentioning you-know-what (unnecessary referendum to sort out Tories, no plan, Conservatives split, country riven, rise in hate crimes etc). Hard to imagine anything more catastrophic. As it happens, I believe a Labour victory – with a local man Greg Marshall ‘in the house’, – will start us on the long road to healing. Not everyone believes the scare-mongering ad hominems of the Mail/Express/Telegraph non-Dom owned press!


      2. You have missed out the often disastrous decisions that Tory governments previous to 2010 have foisted upon us.


      3. You’re way behind the times. The BNP no longer exists as either a street or electoral force. Nick Griffin has self-exiled to Orban’s Hungary. It’s been succeeded by a bunch of far Right groupings active on the street and online. More info on the far Right can be found on the Hope Not Hate website (https://www.hopenothate.org.uk/research/state-of-hate-report-2019/).

        HNH has endorsed Anna Souby, so is far from ‘far Left’.


  2. Greg is a true son of Broxtowe.
    He is exactly the sort of MP we need.
    We dont see eye to eye on every issue but he will always take the time to listern to a different opinion.

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  3. Saving the NHS, paying people a wage they can actually live on, investing in schools & housing, promoting a green industrial revolution, creating regional investment banks & sorting out WASPI women’s pensions are “dangerous” & “far to the left”??

    You people are either politically illiterate, utterly unhinged or both. Honestly, get a grip of yourselves 🤣


  4. Greg cares about people,. He cares that people prosper, have a decent home and can afford to feed their kids. He cares about the environment and works very hard to persuade other people to care.
    Are these really dangerous views?
    If you are worried what you have heard said about Greg, take the time to talk to him then make your own mind up.


    1. Vote for Greg Marshall and you get Corbyn, McDonnell, Abbott and Thornberry. Far left extremists!


      1. Factually incorrect. If you vote for Greg Marshall, and (if he wins) you get Greg Marshall. If Labour get more seats than anyone else, then you get lots of people in government. The people you mention are not as you describe them, by the way.


      2. You can tell that to Greg directly at the Broxtowe Labour Party ‘shop’ on Chilwell Road which is open and welcoming to all. If he’s not around, it’s staffed by volunteer local LP members who are ordinary local people, and don’t have forked tails or horns, and won’t pack you off to a gulag in deepest Stabbo for being critical of the Party. If you want to find out what the local Labour folk are like, and what they have in mind for Broxtowe, and have discussions (including ‘robust’ ones) with them about Labour plans, just walk in the door.

        Sadly there’s nowt on the Broxtowe LP website about the office, but a search for “broxtowe labour party office chilwell” will get you the address, directions, and opening times (10:30-15:00 weekdays).

        There’s no substitute for face to face contact with real live human beings.


  5. Broxtowe has had committed constituency MPs for all of the 20 years I have lived here. Both Nick Palmer and Anna Soubry have made themselves available to us and been visible in civic events. We have also benefitted from other committed public servants – not least Stan Heptinstall, the Lib Dem candidate in 2015, who gave many years selfless service to his ever grateful community.

    Whilst we do not live in a presidential democracy, the truth of the matter in a general election is that we are voting for a party political manifesto and de facto a prime minister.

    It strikes me at this juncture that all of the candidates would be committed to being good constituency MPs. The issue though is the rosette they wear. It strikes me that the options are (I hope my para-phrasing of positions has not lost accuracy in my aim to be succinct):

    * “Get Brexit done” and move on to other business – Conservatives (Darren Henry)

    * Negotiate a new deal in 3 months and implement a green industrial revolution – Labour (Greg Marshall)

    * Supporting a People’s Vote on Brexit – Independent group for Change (Anna Soubry)

    * The East Midlands largest Pro remain party in May’s Euro elections – Green Party (Kat Boettge)

    Sadly those who would wish to vote for a government that would revoke Article 50 do not have an obvious choice of where to cast their vote as the Lib Dems are not fielding a candidate.

    Also, it seems, from his twitter account, that the Brexit Party candidate, Mr Calvin Robinson, has stood down and will be campaigning for the Conservatives to “get Brexit Done”.

    I for one am looking forward to the manifestos – and the chance to hear the candidates at the hustings being held at The Haven Centre, Wadsworth Road, Stapleford on Saturday 30th November, doors open at 6.30 pm and the event will start at 7 pm.



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