Martin Plackett Writes

The BIRMINGHAM POST reports that Broxtowe LIBERAL DEMOCRATS are NOT  to stand in the forthcoming General Election.

In the last weeks local L D’s claimed/ posted on social media ‘We are going to win hundreds of seats.’    ‘Join our local Party and volunteer to help in the Campaign’.

Perhaps their Prospective Candidate Tim Hallam can tell us why he has ‘thrown in the towel’.   Has he lost the courage of his convictions’?   Or are you Tim standing aside to support the Green and/or Independent Group for Change Candidate?

Strange that Bramcote voters should hear from a distant media outlet or has the Birmingham Post gotten it wrong?


  1. The story was broken by a BBC political reporter, Peter Saull, on Twitter:
    Peter Saull
    I understand the Liberal Democrats are not standing a candidate against
    in Broxtowe. Decision made at a national level.
    11:55 AM · Nov 2, 2019

    Apparently, he was writing from Birmingham – perhaps that’s where the LD leadership were meeting.

    Follow-up tweet:
    Peter Saull
    Some local Lib Dem members are unhappy, especially with the Greens still planning to contest the seat. But the decision has been accepted.
    12:32 PM · Nov 2, 2019


  2. If this is true then this is actually a very courageous and honourable thing to do.

    For those parties who want a second Brexit referendum or want to stop it completely then the primary objective must be to prevent pro leave parties from winning. The Lib Dem’s would need an inconceivably large swing in Broxtowe to win and with the first past the post system a vote for them here would be wasted and therefore in effect a vote for the pro leave parties.

    Well done Lib Dem’s if true, my respect for you has increased dramatically


  3. When Anna left the Conservative Party I placed a bet. The bet was that if Anna stood at the next, date unknown at the time, General Election, the Lib-Dems would stand aside. So I could be on a winner.

    Perhaps Martin could confirm or deny that at the Conservative selection meeting all 4 shortlisted candidates declared that they voted REMAIN in the referendum.

    This means that if they field a candidate, Brexit is the only leave party standing in Broxtowe.


    1. “At the referendum on 23rd June I will be voting ‘Yes’ to membership of the EU as I believe that Britain is stronger, safer and better off in a reformed Europe.” That’s a direct quote from Darren Henry.


      1. Interestesting quote Katherine.

        It seems that Broxtowe Conservatives want another ‘Remainer’ as our MP becasue, as I said in the earlier post, and Martin Plackett hasn’t denied it, all shortlisted candidates voted Remain in the referendum. You’d think that their members could have had a choice of Leavers & Remainers.

        I also cannot see how Jo Swinson can boast of being the next Prime Minister if the Lib-Dems are not fielding candidates in every constituency. By choosing to opt out of constituencies means that the electorate cannot potentially have a Lib-Dem MP championing the other non-Brextit items.


  4. Like many Conservatives I voted remain in the 2016 Referendum..
    As a democrat however like Darren Henry the Conservative Party Candidate I firmly believe we should honour the People’ s vote, support Boris’s Deal and ‘Get Brexit Done’

    Any other option would be both Illiberal and Undemocratic

    Quite sure many local Liberal Democrat’s are furious that would be P M Jo Swinson is stopping them fielding a candidate in Broxtowe allowing them to put forward to the electors their views of cancelling article 50 staying in the E U and ignoring the 17.4 million leave voters completely.


    1. The big problem with Boris’s deal is that : It’s NOT a new deal, it’s May’s deal with a couple of words changed. Both deals actually keeping the UK within the EU with less influence than exists under the present arrangement.

      Remember, in 2016 the EU stated that no matter how many people/govts. wanted to change or modify the way the EU works, and no matter how logical proposed changes were, there would be absolutely no alterations to the decided path to federalisation.


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