General election Broxtowe Green Party Candidate Kat Boettge

Broxtowe Green Party have selected Councillor Kat Boettge as the Green Party Parliamentary candidate for the upcoming General Election on the 12th of December 2019.

Kat Boettge is originally from Germany but came to the UK 20 years ago. Kat Boettge has been working as a psychotherapist within NHS services, whilst raising her daughter.

Kat Boettge has been involved in the Green Party for over 7 years and was selected as the East Midlands lead candidate for the European elections in 2014 and 2019. You may recognise her from Wife Swap Brexit Special where she argued passionately to remain in the EU. “The Green Party want to remain in the EU to strengthen our fight on issues that cross borders like climate change and social injustice.”

Kat Boettge has been Councillor in Kimberley and has successfully managed to protect the Chapel on the Hill by getting it listed. She has campaigned to save the trees in the Hall Om Wong Park fought against undemocratic practises as seen in the previous Council. She has worked to protect green spaces by opposing the Oxylane sports complex. Additionally, Kat Boettge has contributed to the neighbourhood plan in Kimberley which has helped to prevent development on Green Belt land.

Kat Boettge explains “The Greens have been consistently on the right side of politics speaking out about the climate catastrophe, demanding social justice, and opposing failed austerity.”

She continues “Climate catastrophe must be a priority. It is the greatest threat to humanity. We in the Green Party have been fighting to tackle climate change for decades now. We must act now.”

Kat Boettge argues “A vote for the Greens is a vote for the reform of our broken political system. Currently the Conservatives and Labour are an embarrassment to our country. It’s time to move away from the two-party system, it’s time to do politics differently.”


Tel 0798 347 3162




  1. It has to be Green this time for me. I’ve voted for them in recent elections but now feel committed for 3 reasons.

    1. Climate
    2. Remain
    3. Kat is a great candidate – dynamic, insightful, strong & has real integrity.


    1. Unfortunately once again, our MP will not be elected as a ‘human being to work on our behalf’ but instead will be elected purely on dogma churned out by whatever garbage “their” party machine deems to be important. The sheeple (I’ve always voted ??? and I’m not changing now) brigade will have their say and it’s very likely that the winner? will not be elected on a 50% of votes cast +1 (minimum) which is what it should be.

      Good luck to the young lady, I like some of your policies, I want to leave the EU, but I fear that you are likely to lose your deposit.


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