News from Anna Soubry MP – 11 October 2019

Hello again,
It’s been good to be back in Broxtowe for most of the week so there is an update on my local work. Next Saturday Parliament will meet for the first time on a Saturday since the Falklands War some 37 years ago. This clashes with both Oxjam in Beeston and the People’s Vote March in London. I intend to attend all three….!
Have a good weekend.
As ever, Anna

New school set for final go ahead

I am delighted that Bramcote School, which is part of the White Hills Park Federation, is in the final stages of building a £20 million brand new school. The Federation’s ambitious plans have been controversial as they relied on getting planning permission for 500 new homes on green belt land which they controlled.
In a deal with Nottinghamshire County Council, the Federation have returned the fields off Coventry lane to the County in exchange for a new school.
Head teacher Paul Heery deserves considerable praise for the way he explained the plans to residents and won them over. Frankly, given our long standing opposition to development on our precious green belt land, I and Conservative Councillors like group leader Richard Jackson, had to take a pragmatic not dogmatic approach. We weighed up the benefits of a new school against a long standing policy. Full credit goes to the many Bramcote residents who took a similar approach.

Foxwood Academy – An extra special school

I visited Foxwood Academy this morning and met the Head Teacher Jamie Hutchinson, staff and pupils. Jamie and I discussed funding and provision in general for young people with special needs. He is particularly keen to ensure work opportunities and places for students who leave at 18. Foxwood is a great place and prides itself on offering a full curriculum for children from 3 to 18.
Foxwood needs additional school Governors. If you would like to apply, please email them on

Careers are everyone’s business

Improving careers advice in our schools is an important priority. I met Caroline Tomlinson this afternoon who is co-ordinating business and careers advice in our part of Nottinghamshire. I very much hope all our schools will work with Caroline and I was pleased to learn that the White Hills Park Federation and Foxwood are two of the best! 





Notts Wildlife Trust at the Attenborough Nature Reserve. Negotiations with Cemex.

It was a pleasure to catch up with Paul Wilkinson and Erin McDaid of Notts Wildlife Trust at the Attenborough Nature Reserve. Negotiations with Cemex continue and I very much hope the Trust will be able to purchase all the land from them as I know they have exciting plans for Attenborough’s future.

Baby Loss Awareness Week 9 -15 October

Local charity Forever Stars have been turning Nottingham pink and blue this week to mark Baby Loss Awareness Week. It was good to catch up with Forever Stars founder Richard Daniels and Trustee Julie Oldwill at one event. A number of charities support the week, which highlights campaigns and awareness for families who have suffered the loss of babies during pregnancy, birth or infancy. Parliament debated the topic on Tuesday and you can read the full debate here – my contribution is at 6pm.

If you would like to find out more or get involved, visit the baby loss awareness week website here.

Awsworth demands traffic action 

A residents survey in Awsworth has highlighted the need for urgent action to make the village safer. Awsworth Parish Council conducted the poll which found that too many vehicles are using Main Street and Awsworth Lane and that there are problems with speeding and dangerous parking throughout the village.
I raised these concerns with County Councillor John Cottee, Chair of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Highways Committee, when I invited him to the village to see the problems for himself, last year.  
I have written again to Nottinghamshire County Council urging them to undertake a full survey of road safety and speeding in the village. I will of course keep residents updated.

In Parliament

Parliament sat on Monday and Tuesday. I was involved in a number of Brexit related matters in addition to my speech in Tuesday’s debate on baby loss. 
There is much speculation today that a Brexit “deal” will be done following yesterday’s talks between Boris Johnson and the Irish PM Leo Varadkar.
Frankly, no one knows what will happen in the next few days, never mind the next week. Boris Johnson may get a “deal” by the end of next week but that’s not the same as getting it signed off. Parliament is due to sit next Saturday and if (and I think it’s a very large “if”) Johnson does shift his position to somehow secure a withdrawal agreement with the EU, then he will struggle to get it through Parliament without the support of a number of Labour MPs. His best bet would be to make any agreement conditional on a People’s Vote. 

We can be sure that Jeremy Corbyn’s call for a General Election once any extension is up and running fails to carry the support of his MPs and is hugely irresponsible because it will not solve the Brexit crisis. 

I contributed to a Brexit question and answer session with Michael Gove which you can read here or watch here.

I made the point that reparations for a no deal Brexit are costing the Government £8 billion of tax payers’ money – that’s the cost of 400 brand new schools. Given that 29 million people didn’t vote for us to leave the EU, and now we know that any form of Brexit will make our country less prosperous, I think it’s imperative we put the matter back to the voters with a People’s Vote.


  1. The UK government as an EU member state accepted its responsibilities for the EU budget.
    They do not owe us £8 Billion , that is our contract commitment as a member.
    Defaulting on this would be shameful and destroy whatever goodwill they still hold for us.


  2. Frankly, I am speechless. That doesn’t happy very often.

    The Government could have funded the school but they said it was not a priority. So it’s OK building on the green belt if the Tories do it but not if Labour and the LibDems do it!

    Seems on the domestic front Anna is still a true blue.


    1. The answer Steve is in your hands. When the plans for developing the land off Coventry Lane, sale monies from which will fund the new build of the School the ruling Liberal Democrat/Labour coalition group on Broxtowe Borough Council could refuse to give planning permission. Is this your plan so depriving Bramcote of its 21st Century new School and Community activity hub? Surely not?


      1. As you very well know Martin, that will be decided by the Planning Committee not the Leadership of the Council and, by law, there can be no Party whipping.

        Not to mention that the County Council have already committed to giving the school the money upfront before a single house is built.

        The issue for me was Anna’s inference that when the Conservatives choose to build on greenbelt it is a pragmatic decision but when Liberal Democrats do the same, it’s reckless.


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