News from Anna Soubry MP – 13 September 2019

Hello again,
Parliament was meant to be sitting this week. However, in order to shut down debate and in my view to prevent MPs from scrutinising the Government, they instead decided to suspend (prorogue) Parliament on Monday. We will not be returning until the middle of October and I will spend that time working for you in the constituency. That could change if a legal case due to be heard on Tuesday in the Supreme Court is in some way successful. In any event, I will be spending my time out and about in Broxtowe so please get in touch if there is any issue or matter I can assist with. 
Have a lovely weekend. 
As ever, Anna 

Important votes in Parliament 

Monday was a long sitting day (I left Parliament just after 1.30 in the morning).  I voted in favour of the disclosure of important documents about the impact of a no deal Brexit and the suspension of Parliament. I am now working with others to make sure the Government complies with the wishes of Parliament.
The Government again tried to force a General election and again failed. I know most people are thoroughly fed up with Brexit and agree we must bring things to a conclusion but a General Election will not solve the very grave crisis we are in. It’s quite clear the Labour Party remains deeply divided on the issue and despite the expulsion of Conservative moderates from the party, it too has divisions on Brexit. This is why I am even more of the view that the only solution is to get the matter back to voters by way of a second referendum. 





  1. “I am now working with others to make sure the Government complies with the wishes of Parliament.”
    Why is Ms Soubry not instead working with others to make sure government/parliament implements the result of the referendum held by her (former) party over 3 years ago and just leave the EU??
    So she wants another referendum on the same issue. Best of 5? Absolutely ridiculous, yet she wants us to note that she was sitting in parliament until 1.30 a.m. one night. So noted.
    Now crack on with what you were told to do 3 years ago by the majority of those who elected you.


  2. Given that the British public were lied to about the alleged benefits of Brexit and can now see through these lies; given that the Prime Minister shows no respect for Her Majesty, the sovereignty of Parliament or the Law, we urgently require a second referendum where the pros and cons of Brexit are honestly spelled out, followed by a general election where the Tory Party can be kicked out for a generation.


    1. ….kicked out and be replaced by whom? Corbyn is a total liability and the LibDems are no longer Democratic.
      Rock and a hard place comes to mind.


    2. There is no reason why there can’t be a second referendum, but only after the 2016 referendum has been implemented. Then a wait of 23 years, which is the same time it took from the creation of the EU, to the people being given their choice about membership.
      The second referendum can be held in 2042. Of course by that time the EU will no longer exist, or have become the Fourth Reich.


      1. We live in a parliamentary democracy. In 2017 we voted for the current parliament. This year we may vote for a new parliament. If the democratic will of the British people as expressed through our parliament is for a third referendum then a third referendum there will be. This is how democracy works. The most recent vote in time takes precedence. You might not like democracy. You might not like the idea of a peoples’ vote. However, democracy is the system we have and many of us are prepared to do whatever it takes to defend this democracy.


  3. @Joan Wade – I agree but what sort of democracy is it when a people’s vote on Brexit is requested by government but then not honoured because neither parliament nor the government likes the outcome of that vote?
    A parallel would be we have a general election but the result of the electorate’s vote remains unimplemented for over 3 years. That’s not what I call a democracy.


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