News from Anna Soubry MP – 6 September 2019

Hello again,
It has been a quite extraordinary week in Parliament. In a matter of days the Prime Minister lost his majority, treated longstanding, loyal and distinguished Conservatives like Ken Clarke disgracefully by purging them from the party, and he lost vote after vote. On a positive note, working across the party political divide, MPs were able to come together to stop a no deal Brexit. 
Boris Johnson has even lost the support of his brother. His only way out of the mess he has created is to hold a General Election which he says he doesn’t want. It’s extraordinary and wholly irresponsible. Let’s sort out Brexit (I remain of the firm view the only solution is a People’s Vote) and then let’s have a General Election.
Brexit has consumed almost all my time this week – but there is other important local news. 
Have a great weekend. 
As ever, Anna 

Big ask of Stapleford

Stapleford is one of 100 towns chosen by the Government for additional funding. The new scheme claims Stapleford “will benefit from up to £25 million of investment”  and indicates the money will be spent on “transport, digital, skills and culture”. In a letter to me, the Local Government Secretary, Robert Jenrick, also identifies the need to improve health and educational levels in towns like Stapleford. However, what he hasn’t said is whether this is new money or the funding comes from a mixture of existing tax payers’ schemes and private investment. It appears to be good news for Stapleford but will rely on the town’s community preparing a bid. As you may imagine, I am seeking more clarity from Robert Jenrick and will work with all the relevant individuals and organisations in Stapleford to ensure we maximise the benefit for the town. I will keep you updated. 

Meeting with Friends of Beeston Station

As ever it was good to catch up with Trish Roberts Thomson and Sarah Hampton from the Friends of Beeston Station. They continue to make improvements and I’m told a new display of photographs showing the station are already up on the platforms although they won’t be officially opened until 4th October. They are also campaigning for better landscaping around the station and, of course, lifts to make the station accessible for all. The stairs at the station are crumbling and I will write to Network Rail to ask for more help to ensure the stairs are safe and make the station accessible.

HS2 Route Consultation

A reminder that the consultation on the HS2 route refinement at Trowell closes at 11.45pm this evening – if you haven’t already please participate. The new route will take HS2 through a cutting through Trowell rather than a 60 foot viaduct. I still believe a tunnel would be better and I have made a short outline of the case in my submission here.
Respond to the consultation here.

Percy Brown

Sadly, Percy Brown, a much loved busker in Beeston, died last week. Family and friends are raising money to give Percy a funeral and would appreciate any help. The Boat House Café at Beeston Marina have already offered their venue and catering for the wake but if you would like to donate anything, please click here for more details.


In Parliament

I have spoken in a number of debates in Parliament this week. Our business has been dominated by Brexit and stopping our crashing out of the EU without a deal at the end of next month.
I spoke in Tuesday’s debate which paved the way for the Bill that will stop a no deal Brexit – you can watch my contribution here and read it in Hansard here.
The Bill will mean we will not leave the EU on October 31st (unless a new deal has been negotiated and agreed). I believe it is critical that Parliament is sitting to hold the Government to account and to ensure the Prime Minister fulfils his legal duty. I also do not believe a General Election will solve the Brexit crisis – the solution is a People’s Vote. Accordingly, I did not vote for a General Election to be held before October 31st. You can watch my speech here and read it here.




  1. Does anyone else find it amazing that people who should really know better keep banging on about Hs2 and the ‘Toronto Hub’ as if it is actually going to happen, do they actually ever read the news ?


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