Comment from Anna Soubry MP

Hello again,   Whichever way you voted in the EU Referendum, however fed up you are with Brexit, this week’s events should concern everyone who believes that at a time of national crisis, MPs must take responsibility for protecting the interests of their constituents and Parliament must sit to hold the Government to account and ensuring the nations’ interests are best protected. The Prime Minister is determined to crash us out of the EU without a deal on October 31st even though he knows that the majority of MPs from all parties, “Leavers and Remainers”, have consistently voted against such a move. We all agree leaving the EU without a deal would, in the words of the former Conservative Business Secretary, be a “disaster” for our economy and indeed would threaten peace in Northern Ireland. 
There is no mandate for leaving the EU without a deal – indeed the Leave campaign led by people like Boris Johnson promised we would not leave until we had a deal. 
Boris Johnson knows Parliament will block his no deal plans and so he has suspended it for five weeks. It’s as outrageous as it is irresponsible and profoundly undemocratic. 
Following a meeting between all the leaders of the opposition parties, which I attended, and discussions amongst MPs of all parties and views on Brexit, we will try to introduce legislation next week to stop a no deal Brexit. Our aim is not to stop Brexit but to prevent our crashing out without a deal.
Parliament returns on Tuesday and on reckoning, it will be quite a week. 
Meanwhile my thanks for all the emails of support.

Finally, my congratulations to all our secondary schools and those students who received their GCSE and A Level results in the last few weeks – there are more details below.

Have a good weekend. 
As ever, Anna 

HS2 update and consultation deadline

There is considerable concern about the future of HS2’s line to Leeds (which includes the East Midlands Hub at Toton Sidings), following the Government’s announcement to review the cost and benefits of the line. As you know there is widespread cross party support for HS2 locally and throughout our part of the East Midlands. 

I will write to the new Transport Secretary and the review’s chair, Douglas Oakervee, in support of the considerable benefits to Broxtowe and our region.
Meanwhile, the new Minister for HS2, Paul Maynard MP, has replied to my letter about the route through Broxtowe. Whilst I am pleased HS2 has changed the delivery of the route through Trowell to a cutting as opposed to their original plan for a 60 foot viaduct, my preference is for a bored tunnel. The Minister has not unequivocally rejected the idea and helpfully admits concern about the impact constructing HS2 will have on our roads, notably the A610 and A52.
I urge everyone affected by the new Trowell plans to take part in the consultation which closes next  Friday 6th September at 11.45pm. To view the changes and respond to the consultation please click here.

Exam Results congratulations

Our school students have once again performed well in their GCSEs and A Level examinations. Pupils at Bramcote School deserve a special mention having made significant progress in key subjects.
Congratulations to all our students and their families and to all the staff at our schools. Here’s a summary of the results:

Chilwell School
GCSE results – 46% Grade 9-5 English and Maths with 66% achieving Grade 9-4. 60% of students achieved 5 standard passes including English and Maths
A- Level – A*-C 70.6% with a pass rate of 96%.

George Spencer Academy
GCSE results – Almost 75% of students achieved Grade 9-4 in English and Maths.
A- Level – A*-B 50% with a pass rate of 99%

Kimberley School
GCSE results – 50% Grade 9-5 in English and Maths
A-Level – A*-C – 80% with more than half of all grades between A*-B. There was an 100% pass rate.

Bramcote School
GCSE results – 68% Grade 9-4 in English and Maths. In 2015, the figures were at 39% so this is a significant improvement.

Alderman White School
GCSE results – 50% Grade 9-5 in English and Maths with 19.4% of students achieving grades 9-7.

Bramcote 6th Form College
A-Level – A*-C 77.3% 

A52 safety success  

Work on installing speed cameras on the A52 from Priory Roundabaout to Bramcote Island is about to begin. The campaign to make the road safer was begun by the late Tony Smith after a double fatal accident in November 2016 caused by speeding. I worked with Tony on his campaign including presenting his 1600 signature petition in Parliament. Tony was well known and hugely liked in Bramcote (where he lived for many years) and in Beeston, and sadly died a year ago; he leaves a proud legacy. 

Chilwell pavements promise

Residents in part of Chilwell have been promised their bad pavements will be fixed. Following my recent letter to Nottinghamshire County Council, the Highways team will inspect a number of roads and pavements particularly around Allison Gardens. Thank you to everyone who sent me the names of roads where the paving is particularly bad and especially Allison Dodds who came to see me to complain about the dreadful state of roads and pavements in her part of Chilwell. If your pavement or road needs fixing please send me details – I can’t make any promises as it’s a County Council matter but I will do what I can to get them fixed. 

Attenborough Elderflowers unveiling of history boards 

I joined the Attenborough Elderflowers for the unveiling of history boards which are part of the group’s improvements to the local railway station. The boards detail the development of Attenborough from the earliest of times and the history of the station. The Elderflowers are a wonderful group of volunteers who have installed planters on both platforms and won funding from the Lottery Fund, Tesco and Nottinghamshire County Council for the history boards. Well done and thank you to everyone involved. 

Welcome home Robert – what a ride!

Bramcote’s Robert Cleave has completed his 18,000 mile around-the-world cycle, which took him across 29 countries on 5 continents. Robert has exceeded his fundraising target to raise over £20,000 for Traidcraft Exchange and Cancer Research. You can still donate to Robert’s charities and find out more about his ride here. I am sure you will join me in welcoming home and congratulating him on his incredible achievement. 



Visit to Capital and Smooth radio

I spent a large part of yesterday morning at Global Radio’s East Midlands HQ in Nottingham. The independent broadcaster operates Capital and Smooth radio in the East Midlands including a local news service. My thanks to Tom Bushell for the visit and update on the challenges and successes of local radio.


  1. Anna,

    You and those like you have had 3 years to sort out brexit. Instead of putting your heads together and getting it sorted, all your side have done is cry and whinge like school children. This pathetic and childish behaviour is the very reason that Boris is now PM and the very reason he is suspending parliament. Instead of just crying like a bunch of spoilt children, you and those alike should have done something more constructive. Maybe then we would not be in the situation we are now in. Nobody to blame but yourself. Also I think I should point out that we are still waiting for a by election. We voted for you on a Tory manifesto which strated leave. If you did not agree with this then you should not of stood.


  2. “There is no mandate for leaving the EU without a deal …”
    She forgets to mention that there is also no mandate for leaving the EU WITH a deal either.
    The mandate delivered via her (former) party’s referendum was just to leave the EU, nothing more nothing less. Neither the question asked nor the voting included reference to any conditions or deals.


    1. That is exactly correct. We voted to leave, there was no mention of a deal.
      Anna Soubry’s new party has lost six of its eleven members. At the General Election, the remaining five will lose their seats.
      Anna Soubry’s political career is over.


    2. Exactly – The situation with the referendum is analogous to a dinner guest who announces to their host that they are leaving and then, not having decided what to do next, stands stuck to the floor with nowhere to go. We now need a people’s vote to move matters forward.


      1. Joan Wade – we had the people’s vote over 3 years ago. The trouble is that the MPs (of all colours) collectively don’t like the result of the vote and so are just dancing round the issue finding excuses to ignore what the electorate voted for. As numerous commentators have said: do we now have a ‘people’s vote’ (referendum) on every aspect of Brexit = Best of 3? Best of 5? And so on, until the answer changes? I am heartily sick and tired of the whole issue and the continuing incompetence, puerile in-fighting, name-calling and total cowardice of all our MPs for ducking the issue, resigning from the cabinet, changing party allegiances, etc., Soubry included. Absolutely none of them deserve our vote at the next election. Democracy in this country has been brought to its knees by the idiots in Westminster. We are the laughing stock of Europe thanks to our MPs who collectively lack the courage to implement the people’s vote of 3 years ago. Instead of inactivity for 3 years apart from breast-beating about potential shortages of medicines and the introduction of food rationing, and giving cash out to some councils to help them deal with the alleged doomsday shortages, the government should have been putting its efforts and our taxes into building the appropriate manufacturing facilities and diversifying our agricultural produce so that we become more independent and less reliant on imports. It really isn’t rocket science. OK, rant over.


      2. Richard – You talk of democracy but you keep making reference to a vote taken over 3 years ago. We have had a general election since then. We live in a country where the rule of law and parliamentary democracy should be respected. I never thought I would live to see a day where a government thought it could ignore such important principles. A peoples’ vote would tell us the will of the people today. It would help move matters forward. Why would anyone not want this unless they wished to deny the people a say in matters?


  3. Joan – yes, a people’s vote (= referendum?) would tell us the will of the people today (as it did 3 years ago). So it could be ignored again by government and parliament. This could go on ad infinitum and not take anything or anyone further forward.


  4. I voted remain (unlike I think most of my generation- I am in my 80’s -)but if everyone is honest it was quite a close run thing. If a peoples vote/referendum were to be held today it must be remembered that there are lots of younger people who have their own ideas and talking to youngsters who are interested it seems to me that they would support remain and talking to many older and middle aged folk it seems that this applies to them as well.
    So yes another vote with more true detail as to what is involved would show the will of the people today after all it is the future for everyone with an opinion today that should have a say in their future. Not being political it seems obvious that even if there is or when there is a General election there is likely to be an upsurge for the Liberal Democrats which although with our inaccurate first past the post system not being sufficient to put them in government the increase in support for them indicates a huge groundswell of public opinion for remain. My final thought is that if it is a peoples vote or a general election, EVERYONE ELIGIBLE SHOULD CAST THEIR VOTE


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