A52 Speed Cameras

Press Release from Anna Soubry: Anna Soubry’s campaign for average speed cameras on the A52 in Broxtowe has been a success. Highways England have announced that work on installing the cameras will begin in the next few weeks. The campaign followed a fatal accident in November 2016 when 2 people were killed. Cameras will be installed from Bramcote Island to Priory Roundabout. Anna backed local campaigner Tony Smith’s petition which gathered over 1,600 signatures and presented it to Parliament.

Highways England will begin investigatory works on the route between 2 September and 6 September 2019 with some lane closures in place overnight. They will complete the installation of average speed cameras and safety signs in early 2020.

Anna said: “After a long campaign, I am pleased that we have been successful. Speeding has been a problem for residents for a long time, particularly at night, and has resulted in a number of serious accidents.”

“These measures will also be a fitting tribute to Bramcote resident Tony Smith who sadly died last year”, Anna continued. “Tony was a great friend and he would have been delighted that his hard fought campaign has been a success.”


  1. Absolutely delighted by the news. A fitting tribute to Tony for instigating the petition and his tireless enthusiasm for the venture.
    A ‘thank you’ to Highways England for the proposed installation, to all those who signed the petition and to those who were personally responsible daily for collecting signatures over a 6 week period of time in late 2017 and early 2018. Steve Carr (approx 300) Tony Smith (approx 300) and Martin Plackett (approx 1000)
    There installation it is to be hoped will make our busy A52 that much safer for users and residents alike.

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  2. Excellent, it’s been a racetrack for decades. I don’t think you get cameras unless there are fatalities.

    Bramcote Island doesn’t work in heavy traffic. Another project for someone to take on?


    1. In what way does Bramcote Island not work Dave? Unless you are commentating about the difficulties exiting Town Street in any sort of traffic. Difficulties that the Highways Agency know about and consistently refuse to address. In case you weren’t around in the days before the island was altered to its present configuration without traffic lights it was a complete and utter nightmare to get onto it from anywhere apart from the A52 both ways.


  3. Can’t wait, live on Derby Rd and am throughly fed up with people using it as a motorway, hopefully we’ll see a big reduction in speed (or maybe more people being penalised!!)


  4. Me and hubby were only saying we wondered where the Cameras were the other day when we were overtaken by someone doing at least 70 miles an hour going towards Bramcote


  5. Steve/Ian
    Would it be possible for you to have a word with Highways to ensure that when the cameras are installed they are sited so as to ensure that the pedestrian crossing on the A52 at Moor Lane becomes a place where vehicles do NOT go through the lights on red. Around 200 pedestrians use the crossing at school opening and closing time and getting the cameras in the best position is really important.
    Also, we have a problem on the A52 at Thoresby Road where vehicles are carrying out u turns on the outbound and the inbound!
    Can Highways do anything? Signs are up to say that U turns are not allowed but these are ignored


  6. Also on the A52. Why do we have 24 hour bus lanes when we don’t have 24 hour bus service?
    Approaching Thoresby Rd, city bound from Bramcote Island, the bus lane ends to allow cars turning left into Thoresby Rd. The allowance is about 3 cars, less if there is a bus waiting at the lights. All other left turners have to wait in the middle, city bound lane, adding to the congestion.


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