Bramcote Unity Park – Planning Application

A planning application reference 19/01564/PFUL3 has been submitted to Nottingham City Council for a New community park comprising footpaths, 1072 new trees, recreation, education and biodiversity infrastructure and facilities together with enabling works comprising 11 dwellings. The details can be found at

This is a major development impacting Bramcote Hills. Take some time to look at the details and send any comments to Nottingham City Council which you can do via the website.

As far as I can see, there are no details yet on Broxtowe Borough Council’s website regarding the portion of the location that falls within Broxtowe Borough.


  1. There is no guarantee that (a) these luxury dwellings will sell and yield the cost proposed to ‘repair’ the ridge into a Unity Park and (b) that it will happen according to the proposals. Who is accountable? No doubt the City and Broxtowe are keen to receive money from the sale to a private developer. If this happens it will be the thin edge of the wedge and the wildlife and special wilderness of the Ridge will be lost for ever. There is also Japanese Knot weed on the City side of the ridge – are they aware of this?


    1. The application contains erroneous information. It claims there are no badger setts in the area. In truth there is a huge one. We must keeps its precise location confidential, in case badger baiters attempt to dig it.
      Badgers and their habitat are protected under the “Protection of Badgers Act 1992”

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      1. Can proof that housing will disturb the badgers be enough to prevent the planning application being passed?


    2. It has been stated but not saying who/ when it will be dealt with though it grows at a hugely rapid rate. It’s not part of any deal to do it, it’s a legal obligation of whomever owns the land.


  2. It is very disappointing that there is no commitment to access for disabled people. The website claims it will be “for everyone” yet this is not the case. There is no reason why, with good design and landscaping, this proposed site couldn’t be fully wheelchair accessible as well as have signage suitable for people with visual impairments. Access should be a priority, not an add on. If access for disabled people is prioritised, it will automatically create good access for families with young children, older people and so on. The Councils should insist on this, if approval given and it will be equally disappointing if they don’t. Please don’t make excuses like due to the landscape etc etc etc, DO SOMETHING POSITIVE.


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