The Crystal Conversation

My journey to setting up the Crystal conversation started back in my childhood, born from the  love of crystal images  as they appeared in the Readers digest encyclopedia! It wasn’t until my late twenties that I got to spend time with actual crystals. This led, many years later, to a crystal therapy diploma course. (ACHO accredited.)  Over time, as the two-year course progressed, I noticed that I was feeling joyful, optimistic and happy with my lot in life. I was intrigued, something was working very well and although I was trained and working in psychotherapy my happiness in life could not  be explained by psychotherapy alone. Something else was going on.

I set about investigating further, travelling back and forth to the USA, over a three-year period to train in crystal resonance. Whilst the first diploma had introduced me to crystals and their properties, the training in America started from a different position. It emphasised the practitioners’ embodiment of crystalline energies. In order to facilitate this, I meditated daily, and continue to do so. This practise creates a personal shift into a heart-brain state of coherence (Heart Math) which is amplified through the quartz crystals.

When we bring a crystal or stone into our electromagnetic field, it will vibrate with the related frequencies in our own energy field, through the physical law of resonance. (N.Ahsian. Crystal Resonance founder.) Our nervous system appears to attune to this dynamic response transmitting information to our brain which stimulates biochemical reactions. There is an accompanying experience which affects our emotional life, people report feeling calm, centred with improved resilience.  

In 2012, I began offering crystal resonance at a wellbeing centre in Derbyshire, whilst continuing to work as a Primary mental health nurse practitioner. In February of 2019 I decided that I would bring forward the Crystal Conversation, creating a platform where people could explore a crystalline environment for themselves. Crystals can be integrated into all areas of our lives, new research is coming forward through many divergent disciplines which sheds light on why this may be so, making this a fascinating area of interest to explore at this time.

If you feel drawn to this area of exploration the Crystal conversation offers meetup groups, workshops, talks and individual one to one sessions. To find out more reach:

Lynne on: 0794 3815 107.

Facebook @crystal conversation.

Crystal conversation events take place at:

Hocus Pocus. Rocks and crystals .180 Derby Road.Stapleford. NG9 7AY. 07508775815.

If you feel inspired to find our more please do get Intouch. Looking forward to welcoming your interest.


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