Neighbourhood Watch partners with national campaign to prevent people falling victim to scams

Friends Against Scams is proud to have joined forces with Neighbourhood Watch. Friends Against Scams is an initiative that aims to change the perception of scams and raise awareness of the financial and emotional impact of fraud and scams.

As an official Friends Against Scams partner, Neighbourhood Watch has pledged to spread the Friends Against Scams messaging throughout its community of over 2.3 million people to help increase community resilience and empower communities to take a stand against scams.

Jayne Pascoe, Head of Partnerships and Projects at the Neighbourhood Watch Network, told us:

“Scams are not low-level crimes. They are often organised by serious, predatory criminals and have the potential to destroy lives. That’s why initiatives like Friends Against Scams are so important and why Neighbourhood Watch is working with the National Trading Standards Scams Team to help communities and individuals protect themselves and others against crimes like these.

“Communities are most resilient to crime when neighbours and friends look out for one another. Together, Neighbourhood Watch and Friends against Scams enable people to be informed about potential threats, to share with those in their communities who are most vulnerable to this type of crime and take action to help prevent it.”

Louise Baxter, Team Manager for the National Trading Standards Scams Team said:

“The tactics used by criminals often leaves victims socially isolated and ashamed of telling their friends and families what’s really going on behind closed doors. Neighbourhood Watch volunteers and coordinators can play a key role in preventing their communities from becoming victims of scams.

“It’s fantastic to be able to get involved with such a high profile national institution like Neighbourhood Watch to help their communities learn how to recognise scams, understand the effects scams can have on its victims and to help those people that need our help the most”.

Since it launched in 2016, nearly 260,000 Friends Against Scams have committed to take a stand against scams. Neighbourhood Watch is one of a number of charities that has joined the Friends Against Scams initiative, including Age UK and Stay Safe. Other Friends Against Scams partners include Bournemouth University, UK Finance and the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.

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