Rodworks Ewe lamb Lane, Bramcote

Roadworks Bulletin Temporary Prohibition of Driving – Bramcote

Road No. & Location

Ewe lamb Lane, Bramcote – From its junction with B5010 Nottingham Road to its junction with Stanley Drive

Start Date/Time
From Monday 5th August 2019
Until Thursday 9th August 2019


Start Date/Time
From Thursday 8th August 2019
Until Friday 30th August 2019

Carried Out By:
Via East Midlands Ltd in Partnership with Nottinghamshire

Nature of Restriction
Temporary Prohibition of Driving

Nature of Works
Carriageway Resurface Works

Alternative Route

Signed on Site

Enquires &
Emergency Contact

Richard Osbourne – Via East Midlands Ltd
0115 804 3640
07881 253 908

Councillor Richard MacRae 

Stapleford North Ward 

Stapleford Town Council 

Broxtowe Borough Council 

0774 034 4427




  1. Good evening all Ewe lamb lane took me several meetings on a one to one basis with VIA bring ewe lamb in to the works program and i am negotiation with others to be done.

    your one and only Notts C.C.Member


  2. Really, and of course it was nothing to do with our MP requesting or the fact I have mentioned in many many times, if you bothered to attend the Stapleford Traffic and Transport Committee meetings you would hear others on about it as well. Or the same at the Stapleford Community Action Team meetings as well.

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  3. But you’re not John are you? There’s John Doddy as well!

    My understanding is that it was the staff at Anna Soubry’s office that did all this work. Not you. Perhaps you would like to prove otherwise.

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  4. Just to update during the duration of the works the route 21 will divert along Hickings Lane, along Ilkeston Road to Sherwin Arms then reverse on the way back. Missing out the stops on Ewe Lamb Lane and Nottingham Road. I have also requested Trent Barton post the details on the social media platforms they use. They have agreed to do this.


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